Mouse War

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The Neuki Mouse War
Mouse War Service Medal.png
No. 2 Yeomanry house, Kingdom of Neuk
Result Neuki Victory
The Kingdom of Neuk Mouse Rebels
Commanders and leaders
Rex. Heath Markus Mousy McMouse-face
2 Soldiers
1 Box of Rat Poison
1 shovel
being small
Casualties and losses
1 Man's Dignity 6 Mice

On the 23rd of February 2018 at 4:47am the Kingdom of Neuk engaged in its only military conflict. The Mouse War was a conflict that spanned all of about 10 minutes. Neuk sent the Kaiser himself and Deputy Prime Minister Neil Carr armed with one box of rat poison and a shovel to engage in warfare with 6 rebel mice who had set up an illegal mouse sanctuary on Neuki Territory. The outcome of the comflict resulted in a decisive Neuki victory. Casualties included 6 Mouse Rebels and the Dignity of the Deputy Prime Minister in an event known as the "Screech" within The Kingdom of Neuk.