15 Regiment The Royal Vislas

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15 Regiment
Royal Vislas
Active March 2019 - Present
Nation  Kingdom of Tarvit
Branch Tarvitian Army
Type Army Regiment
Role Insurgency support and Values
Size Two Battalions
Motto Felemelkedik (Hungarian: "Ascend")
Colonel-in-Chief Sir Heath Markus
Colonel Commandant Keenan Carr

15 Regiment The Royal Vislas was formed in April 2019 originally as an exclusively values intervention unit in the wake of the Afrax Value Intervention to compliment the Tarvitian Cyber Service unit 4 Squadron Royal Corps of Values. In it's current form, established in August of 2019, The Royal Vislas mainly operate to support Local Insurgencies that align with the values of the Kingdom of Tarvit. The Regiment was born out of necessity upon the demise of Afrax and has only grown since.