United Federation of Bysalia

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United Federation of Bysalia
Coat of arms
Motto: Science prosperitatis
Anthem: To Boldly Go
Largest cityDenton
Official languagesEnglish (de facto)
GovernmentFederal Presidential Constitutional Republic
• President
Office Abolished
LegislatureLegislative Avolished
Establishment12th July 2013
• Census
CurrencyNone (Federation Credit sometimes used in requisitioning)
Time zoneUTC

Bysalia, or officially the United Federation of Bysalia was a micronation within the British Isles entirely landlocked by the United Kingdom. It was a single party socialist republic with the President as Head of State. Bysalia was a "Sixth World" micronation with a score of 7 (including Honorary Subjects) under the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System.


Zen Corporation

Zen Corporation took control of government bodies, but then failed to maintain them which lead to the shut down of Zen's Government Branch, after the downfall of the Zen Government, John Gordon appointed himself as Interim Prime Minister and appointed three Cabinet Ministers to oversee the rebuilding of a democratic Bysalia. At current the Parliament has not been Opened, therefor Executive powers are vested in the Interim Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

Civil War

Main Articles: Bysalian Civil War

The Bysalian Seperatist crisis was a civil war in the United Kingdom of Bysalia, fought between the Bysalian Defense Force against Socialist Rebels. It began after the Socialist leader thought the then President for being unconstitutional, the Socialist leaders then declared Pinewood independent from Bysalia. The Bysalian Government sent the Bysalian Army to Pinewood to block the rebels from moving towards Hove, the Capital City of Bysalia. Both sides exchanged threats to each other. Some skirmishes broke out between Socialist and Bysalian Forces, but no real major nationwide conflict broke out, the conflict always was confined to the Pinewood border.

Golden Age

After the downfall of Zen Corporation, Interim Prime Minister John Gordon was made the first prime minister of bysalia, several days after the Monarchy was founded and King Adam was crowned. Several Acts were introduced to solidify the Bysalian governments future as a stable political nation.

Socialist Advancement

After the Dictatorship was removed the interim President of Bysalia and General Secretary of the Communist Party of Bysalia John Gordon laid out changes to the structure of government, including:

  • Renaming of Government Ministries
  • Renaming of Congress to National Peoples Congress
  • Changing the name of High Chancellor to President
  • Reformation of the Armed Forces collectively known as the Bysalian Peoples Revolutionary Army

The President also gained executive powers from the National Peoples Congress for the occupation of several land areas around Bysalia and other areas of interest. The executive powers however do not stretch further than Approval of Bysalian Occupations and Annexations.

An amendment to constitution following a ruling by the National Peoples Congress solidified socialism as inviolable part of Bysalian government and culture. The Government of the Greater Bysalian Republic has been criticized by a few members of foreign micronations for lack of democracy. The president then drew up a plan called Demokratizatsiya (Democracy in the Greater Bysalian Republic) which would allow people to stand for election under the Communist Party in their local area for representation in the National Peoples Congress and possibly a place in the Politburo.

The Socialist Advancement Policy was abandoned by the first Federation Council meeting on the 3rd November 2014 (Stardate 0) a new prime directive was adopted.

The new prime directive of the government is: To Peacefully Engage in Diplomatic Relations and to continue to encounter new micronations and welcome to the micronational community.

Occupation of several Territories

The Communist Government announced a decree allowing the occupation of territory for the advancement of Socialism, once the communist government was brought down under the Federation Act, the newly created Federation Council repealed the decree and said that Territory must only be acquired through peaceful means such as: Invitation into the Federation.

Federation Territory

State of Reagan

1 - Hove (Capital)

2 - Denton

State of Nixon

Nixon was a state of Bysalia. it was represented in the Congress by one Councillor.

1 - Cardassia


Bysalia was a Federal presidential constitutional republic which was headed by the President and Senate. The bysalia was reformed after Zen Corporation took control of government bodies, but then failed to maintain them which lead to the shut down of Zen's Government Branch, after the downfall of the Zen Government, John Gordon appointed himself as Interim Prime Minister and appointed three Cabinet Ministers to oversee the rebuilding of a democratic Bysalia. The Parliament had not been Opened, therefor Executive powers are vested in the Interim Prime Minister and the Cabinet.


Bysalian Victory Ideal

The Sozialistischen Realismus ideology wasls a concept drawn up by the High Chancellor John Gordon. There are five points to achieving the Bysalian Victory.

  • Agricultural Victory
  • Self-Sustainability
  • Recognition of Achievement
  • A classless society
  • Economic Victory

The Agricultural Victory is attained when the Bysalian Nation can grow and sell vegetables at a profit for the people of Bysalia.

The Self Sustainability gets to where nearly all food is grown inside the nation and outside reliability has gone to 30% of all food products.

Recognition of Achievement is attained when Bysalia has over 500 Citizens or more.

A classless society can be achieved when the Bysalian society has no class distinction and no one discriminates between Rich or Poor.

Economic Victory is achieved when the National Bank shows a balance of £5000 or more.

All Bysalian governments were required to adopt one ideal as part of their election pledges as stated in Articl II of the Constitution.

Department of the Interior

The Department of the Interior was responsible for telecommunications, research, transport and local governance within the Kingdom. It was also in charge of ID cards and road laws. Home Office manages itself into several child agencies which answer to National Parliament.

Department of Diplomatic Affairs

The Department of State was responsible for managing the Republic's external and foreign affairs and to maintain a Bysalian influence. Bysalia had a very open and relaxed foreign policy towards other micronations, however Bysalia will not recognize any micronation that claims Bysalian territory or has outlandish claims. Bysalia also does not recognize extraterrestrial claims.

Any nation that acts hostile towards Bysalia will had Diplomatic Sanctions placed upon them after approval from National Parliament, also any nation found to be engaging in hostile acts towards a member state of the Grand Unified Micronational will have Diplomatic Sanctions placed upon them after approval from National Parliament and the Grand Unified Micronational.

Federation Astronomical Committee

The Federation Astronomical Committee was the United Federation of Bysalia's agency responsible for naming and locating new space objects.

Federation News Network

The Federation News Network took over news broadcasting duties from the Bysalian Telegraph in late 2014.

Federation Science Council

The Federation Science Council was the executive body that oversees all scientific endeavors in the Federations name, this includes monitoring of the privately owned scientific and research company based in the Federation.

Council Investigative Committee

The C.I.C investigated multiple things, such as violations of government protocol and failing to adhere to Congressional Law.

  • Authorizing military action without Council approval
  • Rigging Elections
  • Authorizing Covert operations without Council approval
  • Spying on the citizens of Bysalia (Illegal under article 3 of the constitution)

Prime Directive

The prime Directive prohibits The Federation or Defence Fleet from interfering with the internal development of other micronations. This law applies particularly to micronations which are below a certain threshold of technological, scientific and cultural development; preventing the Federation from using their superior technology to impose their own values or ideals on them.

Appointment of the President

Presidential Elections were called every 5 years after the Incumbent Presidents mandate runs out.

Presidents of the Federation

Portrait Name Party Term of Office Notes Government
I Noflag.png John Gordon Republican Party 12 July 2013 - Incumbent Interim Government

Members of Government

Portfolio Minister
President of the Federation John Gordon
Judge Advocate General Tom Turner
Defence Fleet Minister General John Bingham, Chief Defense Minister
Minister of Justice Craig Holmes,
Minister of Diplomatic Affairs John Gordon
Minister of the Department for State Security John Gordon
Ambassador to the Republic of New Westphalia Withdrawn

DefenceFleet and StarFleet

DefenceFleet is the terrestrial military body in charge of defending Bysalia.


BysaliaAdmiral.png - Admiral

BysaliaCaptain.png - Captain

CommanderBysalia.png - Commander

BysaliaLtCommander.png - Lt Commander

LuitenantBysalia.png - Lieutenant

EnsignBysalia.png - Ensign

CrewmanBysalia.png - Crewman



Bysalia had one nationalized bank 'New Street National Bank' which was owned and operated by the National Co-operative.

Republic of Bysalia Diplomatic Relations

Formal Treaty Signed

Wyvern Flag.svg Kingdom of Wyvern

Mutual Informal Relations and Recognition

Supranational Organisations

The United Kingdom of Bysalia was opposed to any kind of warfare.


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