Bysalian Civil War

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Bysalian Civil War
DateJanuary 8th - March 11 19th March - Ongoing
Result Ceasefire, Signing of Hereford Wharf, Unification of Pinewood, Constitutional Monarchy referendum result.
Flagofbysalianational.jpg Bysalian Defense Force Noflag.png Seperatist Forces
Commanders and leaders
John Gordon Adam Borrer
7 3

The Bysalian Seperatist crisis was a civil war in the United Kingdom of Bysalia, fought between the Bysalian Defense Force against Socialist Rebels. It began after the Socialist leader thought the then President for being unconstitutional, the Socialist leaders then declared Pinewood independent from Bysalia. The Bysalian Government sent the Bysalian Army to Pinewood to block the rebels from moving towards Hove, the Capital City of Bysalia. Both sides exchanged threats to each other. Some skirmishes broke out between Socialist and Bysalian Forces, but no real major nationwide conflict broke out, the conflict always was confined to the Pinewood border.



8 Jan - Socialist Leaders declare Pinewood independence from Bysalia.

9 Jan - Bysalian Defense Forces are mobilized towards Pinewood.

10 Jan - The Rebels and Bysalian Government met to resolve the conflict, but no agreement was reached.

11 Jan - A stalemate was declared, for Several months threats were exchanged but no hostile acts were conducted


2 Feb - Minor Skirmish broke out after rebels moved out of the Pinewood Border zone, The rebels were pushed back and Stalemate resumed.


2 Mar - Rebels and Government leaders met once again to resolve the conflict, Rebels stated there demands.

1) The Socialist Rebels are not charged under the Bysalian Judicial Code in the Supreme Courts for Armed Insurgency.

2) The rebels are aloud to form a Socialist Party in peace

3) The MP to Northern Pinewood appointed is Socialist – these terms were not agreed by Government as it would undermine democracy.

3 Mar - The government agree the terms and sign the Treaty of Hereford Wharf which unifies Pinewood and elects a King.

Second Civil War Timeline


19 Mar - Pinewood Local Government announced a referendum on the independence of Pinewood after being denied by Parliament. The Bysalian Government dissolved Pinewood Local Authority and installed a Military Local Government.