Federation Council (Bysalia)

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The Federation Council of the Republic of Bysalia is the body of Government Ministers responsible for the executive administration and governance of Bysalia, composed of the President and six Government Ministers and Representatives from each Sector and Quadrant. Government Ministers are elected by the citizenry in annual Federation Elections. The President oversees the work of the Council and co-ordinates the work of the Government Ministers.

as of 27 December 2014 the Federation Council was dissolved and all powers vested in the President under the Executive Powers Act.

Portfolio Minister In office since
President HRH Crown Prince John Gordon 2 January 2014
Department of Internal Affairs Rt. Hon Lord Airan Bloomfield, Duke of Pinewood 2 January 2014
DefenceFleet and StarFleet Command John Gordon 2 January 2014
Department of Science Rt. Hon Lord John Bingham, Duke of Blaine 2 January 2014
Department of Justice Rt Hon. Lord Craig Holmes, Baron of Hereford 19 January 2014
Judge Advocate General Tom Turner 2 January 2014
Department of Diplomatic Affairs John Gordon 2 January 2014