State of Arcadia

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State of Zeprana
Flag of Arcadia
Coat of arms of Arcadia
God Save the Prince!
Anthem: "God Save the Prince
Map of Rhode Island, the state where Arcadia is Located
Map of Rhode Island, the state where Arcadia is Located
CapitalNew Amesston
 • TypeMonarchy under McKeenist Dictatorship
 • Zepranan PresidentDevin Purcell
 • PrinceTerry McKeen III
 • Total60−95
DemonymArcadian Zepranans

Arcadia formally known as the Grand Principality of Arcadia is a Zepranan state primarily located in the Rhode Island Sector with territorial posessions spread out throughout the New England Sector which was founded by Terry McKeen III and Conor Newman on May 20, 2022 after the Zepranan Civil War of 2022. Arcadia was claimed as the largest nation in the Rhode Island Sector[citation needed] and one of the largest in the New England Sector, it is currently bordered by the State of Zeprana. The state is an McKeenist monarchy with the Monarch, currently being the Prince is the Prime Minister of Zeprana, and also appoints the Head of Government, who is the Prime Minister. The capital of the state is New Amesston, not to be confused for the Zepranan Capital City of Amesston.


a photograph of Arcadia park, a park which Arcadia is named after.

The first known usage of the name "Arcadia" dates back to the early 1800's when Arcadia Forest, a forest near the Principality was named by European settlers. The name Arcadia first started being used in Micronationalism in the MicroWiki sector and MicroWiki@Discord by Nyck Bradaten and Terry McKeen III as a proposed "Super-state" which could succeed the Federal Republic of Zeprana due to the uncertainty at the time due to the 1st Elarian Monarchy Power Dispute. The Grand Principality of Arcadia's creation was dismissed until late May 2022 when the Zepranan May Civil War broke out, leading to the collapse of the McKeen Administration and their Control over Zeprana which brought the creation of a new nation into question with Arcadia being formed as an Absolute monarchy on May 20, 2022. Other sources believe that the name Arcadia comes from the Zepranaian Province, Arcadia, which is the more likely option some believe.


Originally founded by Terry McKeen as the Federal States of Arcadia to be the successor of the Federal Republic of Zeprana, before becoming the monarchy called the Grand Principality of Arcadia.