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  Capital District  
City of Satago

Motto: "The Center of the Country"
Country House Hold
Admission 19 April 2021
 - Type City-Region
 - Primer Dr. Sloth (Labor)
Population (2021)
 - Total 6
Time zone AST
Census divisions Htols, Arctic
Languages English

Satago, officially the City of Satago is the capital of House Hold. It has been the capital city of House Hold since 19 April 2021, replacing Sign. Satago is home to the Parliament and Supreme Court.


Before the establishment of Satago the capital of House Hold was the city of Bunn. The Apartment Plan was establish on 15 April 2021, the plan was to make all House Holdians apartments and move the capital.



Satago is the only region that is not divided into boroughs, however it is divided into two Census divisions, Htols and Arctic.

List of Census areas

Census divisions Largest Town Location Population
Arctic North east Satago 4
Htols Everything west of the Institute for Dinosaur Research 2


Satago is one of the five regions created in 2021. The city is run by a Primer and city council.

List of Premiers

Election Member Party Notes
April 2021 Dr. Sloth Labor House Hold CDC director March 2020 – Present
May 2021