Politics of House Hold

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The politics of House Hold take place within the framework of a federal parliamentary government and constitutional monarchy. The Queen of House Hold is the head of state and the Prime Minister of House Hold is the head of government.

Current government

Fox Fox, the current prime minister and leader of the Labor Party (right), and Trunky Elephant, the current Deputy Prime Minister of House Hold.

The second Fox cabinet took office on 3 October 2020, after being elected at the September 2020 general election. It was formed by Fox Fox who is the leader of the Labor Party. The current cabinet is bellow.

Party Minister Portfolio
Labor Party Representative Fox Fox Prime Minister
Labor Party Representative Trunky Elephant Deputy Prime Minister
Labor Party Representative Honkers Goose Leader of the House
Labor Party Senator Red Woolly Senate Majority Leader
Labor Party Representative Forest Ferret Attorney-General
Labor Party Representative Ewing Minister of the Environment and Government Services
Labor Party Representative Anomalocaris Minister of the Treasury

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

Labor Party Representative Cackling Goose Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense
Labor Party Representative Plush Rex Minister of School

Legislative branch

Main article: House Hold House of Representatives

The Kingdom of House Hold House of Representatives is the lower house of the parliament of House Hold. The House of Representatives is the chamber was the Prime Minister and government are elected. The House of Representatives has 25 elected MPs and 5 non-voting advising MPs from civil serves roles.


The Kingdom of House Hold Senate is the upper house of the parliament of House Hold. The Senate is made of 14 elected Senators.

Governing Council

The Governing Council is comprised of 3 not elected humans.

Last election

The September 2020 election resulted in the re-election of the incumbent government lead by Fox Fox.

Party Votes % Swing Seats Change
Labor Party of House Hold 94 37.2 -3.1% 16 4
Liberal/National Coalition
Liberal 39 15.4% +1.2% 3 Steady
National 35 13.8% +2.6% 2 2
Country Liberal 7 2.8% -0.8% 1 Steady
Coalition Total 81 32.0% 2.9% 6 2
Green Party of House Hold 44 17.4% +2.1% 2 Steady
Bolderash Party 14 5.5% +2.9% 0 1
Shooters, Fishers, and Farmers 8 3.2% -5.5% 0 1
Communist Bird Workers Party 2 0.8% +0.8% 1 1
Independent 3 1.2% -1.4% 0 1
Cat Party 2 0.8% +0.8% 0 Steady
Spartan Party 2 0.8% +0.8% 0 Steady
Animal Justice 2 0.8% +0.3% 0 Steady
DBP 1 0.4% -0.6% 0 Steady
Total 253 100.0 25 Steady
Two-party-preferred vote
Labor Party of House Hold 147 58.1 +3.2
Liberal/National Coalition 106 41.9 −3.2
Registered voters/turnout 287 88.2% -4.3
Source: House Hold Electoral Commission
Popular vote
One Nation
Two-party preferred vote

Seats summary

Administrative divisions

Kingdom of House Hold Map 2020.png
Flag Region Abbreviation Capital Population Status Official language(s) Rooman/PM
Bedroom (House Hold) Flag.png Bedroom BR Bunn 103 Room English, Spanish Ankylo Saurus (C)
Livingroom Flag.png Livingroom LR Living 55 Room English, Danish Patriot Eagle (C)
Hallway Flag.png Hallway HW Box 23 Room English Little White Duck (C)
Playroom Flag.png Playroom PR Play 23 Room English Aflac Bird (G)
Diningroom Flag (House Hold).png Diningroom DR Dining 16 Room English Central Puffin (L)
Computer room (House Hold) Flag.png Computer CM PCB 12 Room English Bunny Woolly (L)
Bathroom BT N/A Territory English Vacant (L)
Kitchen KN N/A Territory English Vacant
Flag of the Kingdom of House Hold.png House Hold HH Sign TBD Kingdom English, Spanish Fox Fox (L)