Democratic Party (House Hold)

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Democratic Party
Demokratisk parti
LeaderTrunk Elephant
DeputyBuddy Bison
Founded9 March 2021
Membership (2021)4
IdeologySocial Democracy
Political positionCentre-left
Colors  Red
House of Representatives
1 / 25
0 / 13
Local Councillors
0 / 13
Party flag

The Democratic Party (Danish: Demokratisk parti, also known as the Democrats (Demokrater) is a social democratic party in House Hold. It was created in 2021 by five candidates who left their old parties. The Goal of the party is to stop the Liberal National Coalition from winning the next election. The current party leader is Trunk Elephant, a former Labor party supporter and its former leader on Bunn City Council. Its current deputy leader is Buddy Bison.

2021 Election

The party's candidates for the 2021 House Hold General Election are ABC Elephant (SFF), Bunny Bunny (PGP), Trunk Elephant (IND), Whiskers Cat (PGP), and Buddy Bison (PP). On 14 March 2021 Bunny Bunny left the party and became the Green candidate in the Computer electorate.