Èadalqa Borough, Saytók

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Èadalqa Borough
Map of Èadalqa Borough
Country Kingdom of House Hold
Region Saytók
Founded 2021
Borough seat Èadalqa
 - Borough President Martin Woolly (L)
Population (2021)
 - Total 13
Demonym Say
Time zone North American EST (UTC−5)
 - Summer (DST) EDT (UTC−4)
Census divisions Èadalqa, Redlands
Electoral District Saytók
Largest city Èadalqa

Èadalqa Borough is located in the House Hold Region of Saytók. It is the third most populated borough in House Hold and the most populated south of Monmouth. According to the 2021 House Hold census, the borough had a population of 13. Èadalqa is made up of 4 census division (Towns) and 4 villages. The borough seat is the division Èadalqa.

The borough is positioned adjacent to Satago to the north and to the east Brunswick Borough.


Èadalqa was created as part of the Regions Act 2021.


Èadalqa Borough is located in the Saytók region. Bird Feeder National Park is within the borough.


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As of 2021, there were 13 residents. Èadalqa has the third highest Danish speaking population at 23.1%


Èadalqa is made up of 4 census division (Towns) and 4 villages.

The two census division in Èadalqa are:

Name Population Founded/first incorporated Notes
Èadalqa 8 2012 / 2021
Redlands 5 2014 / 2021

The towns are listed as follows:

  • Census division
    • Villages
  • Èadalqa
    • Contains the villages of Èadalqa and Wolfstown
  • Redlands
    • Contains the villages of Redlands and Rockefeller


The Èadalqa Borough Government is headed by Borough President Martin Woolly, a Labor Party member.


House Hold federal election results for Èadalqa, Borough
Year Primary Vote Two Party Preferred
Labor Liberal Green Others Labor Liberal
No. % No. % No. % No. % No. % No. %
2021 6 50.00% 4 33.33% N/A 2 16.67% 8 66.67% 4 33.33%

Èadalqa is overwhelmingly a Labor Borough. It recorded the highest Labor vote of any borough. The two polling places of Èadalqa and Redlands both saw the highest Labor vote in the country. Èadalqa voted overwhelmingly against Saytók Premier Trunko Elephant.