New Denmark

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New Denmark
Nyt Danmark
Region of House Hold

Motto: The rights of all must be protected
Country House Hold
Established 19 April 2021
Capital Enhed
 - Type Region
 - Body Regional Council
 - Primer George Paleo (Labor)
Population (2021)
 - Total 24
Time zone AST (UTC-3)
Languages English, Danish

The Region of New Denmark (Danish: Nyt Danmark) is one of the five regions of House Hold. New Denmark is made up of two boroughs, Schleswig and Enhed. New Denmark is one of the most wealthy parts of House Hold

Government and administration

Main article: Politics of House Hold

New Denmark is one of the five regions created in 2021. The region is run by a Primer and regional council.

The current Primer of New Denmark is George Paleo of Labor.

List of Primers

# Primer Elected Term of office Party Notes
1 George Paleo N/A 19 April 2021 – present Labor Acting Primer (19 April 2021 – 5 May 2021)
May 2021