Outdoors Party (House Hold)

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Outdoors Party
LeaderChicago Elephant
FoundedLate 2020
Split fromProgressives
Sustainable HH
Colours  Light Green
House of Representatives
0 / 25

The Outdoors Party is a small party in the Kingdom of House Hold. They want to protect the environment and make House Hold "Sustainable".


The Outdoors party is a broad church. It is made up of former members of the left wing Progressive Party and right wing Sustainable House Hold. The party's only focus is to protect the environment. The party would like to create several new National Parks.



The House Hold Outdoors Party was created in Late 2020 by former Progressive Party and former Sustainable House Hold members. They wanted to protect House Hold's environment.

2021 election

The party will be contesting the 2021 House Hold local elections and will be running two candidates.