Bird Feeder National Park

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Bird Feeder National Park
  National Park of House Hold  
Council Area Sleep
Room Livingroom
Created 27 August 2020
 - Total 0.01 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population (2021)
 - Total 2

Bird Feeder National Park is the oldest and most popular national park in House Hold. It is located in the south western part of the country. It takes up the western most part of the Livingroom. It was created by Prime Minister Fox Fox on 27 August 2020. The park is known for its birds.





Only four species of mammals have ever been seen at the park. The most common is the Eastern gray squirrel which is seen nearly every day. Both gray and black squirrels are very common at the park. Chipmunks are also common at the park but much less than Eastern gray squirrel. The park rates Raccoons as a rare species. According to Park Rangers only 4 Raccoons have ever been seen at the park. The least common mammal is the American red squirrel, which has only been seen two times in the October of 2019.