Principality of Malokaz

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Principality of Malokaz

(Ukrainian) Князівство Малоказ
(Malokaznian) Kanyázin ot Malokaz

Flag Coat of arms

Map of Malokaz (light green) within the Uzeishan Commonwealth (light green and dark green)
National Anthem:
Capital Kaniv

Official languages English, Ukrainian, Malokaz

Demonym Malokaznian, Malokaz

Government Monarchy
King Artur Voyislav

– Foundation of the nation 20 June 2008
– Joined the Uzeishan Commonwealth 23 January 2010

Area claimed 1.5 km²

– Citizens 6
– Residence Unknown

Currency Malokaznian Khryvna (Khr)

Time zone UTC

Country code MAL

Internet TDL

Drives on the Left

Date formats Gregorian calendar

This micronation is a member state of the Uzeishan Commonwealth

The Principality of Malokaz was founded in 2008 by Cheslovian citizens. These citizens wanted to remain as Cheslovian citizens but wanted to have a nation of their own. Thus, Cheslovia created the Kaznia-Malokaz Citizenship Act, which meant that all Malokaznian citizens are also Cheslovian, as well as Malokaznian.


The name "Malokaz" literally means "Little Kaznia" (Malo, from "Malenkiy" Russian word for "small", Kaz an alternate denonym for Kaznia and a shortened version of the name).


Malokaz is situated in the southern half of Baltia. It has one main hill, "Vasyanenko Hill", which is approximately 128m high.


Malokaz was founded by Kaznian citizens who wanted to establish a nation of their own, with the help of the Kaznian government, Malokaz was formed, however the Kaznian government stated that they would only permit this if special legilation could be put into place, this legislation meant that all citizens of Malokaz have dual citizenship (they are all Malokaznians but are also Kaznians). During late 2008, Malokaz and Cheslovia had a border dispute over Slavinia, a Cheslovian Krai located east of Malokaz, it is said that the Malokaznians had planned to annex this land before Cheslovia expanded eastward, however the Malokaz government did not act fast enough to claim it. The Malokaz government had implied that it wanted to expand southeward, but this was opposed by Cheslovia.


After the Malokaz Self Governing Act, 2009, Malokaz had officially had its first currency, the "Khryvna". The ceconomy was based off of the Cheslovian economy, which involves many different companies adding value to the currency, the Malokaz government has also said that it will create the "Kaniv Stock Exchange" which will be almost identicle to the Cheslovian "Musorov Stock Exchange".


After the Malokaz Self Governing Act, 2009, Malokaz had to create its own military. This was highly beneficial for a number of reasons including a better participation and role in the BCSA, the ability to dictate its own military policies, able to assert itself a little more within Baltia and the micronation community. The equipment used by Malokaz is manufactured in Cheslovia as it was illegal for Malokaz to build any Splinter Rifles. The standard issue splinter gun was the Cheslovian "Kalash Rifle".

Relation with Cheslovia

Relations with Cheslovia remained well, only one dispute was ever held, this was the "Kaznia-Malokaz Border Dispute" of 2008. Malokaz tried to mimic the culture of Cheslovia, although it is slightely altered. The Malokaz government has also created the "Malokaz language", closely related to Cheslovian. On 21 June 2009, both nations agreed that Malokaz should be more self reliant, this lead to the creation of the "Malokaz Self Governing Act, 2009", it stated that Malokaz should establish its own military, currency and conduct its own foreign relations.

Relations with Ud Mahazar

Malokaz and Ud Mahazar have not entered into any important diplomatic talks. However both nations recognise each other.

Relations with Erusia

During the War over micronational communism, the Cheslovian government informed Artur Voyislav of the recognition Erusia gave to Malokaz, he soon stated that Malokaz would recognise Erusia.

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