Stettin Autonomous Socialist Republic

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Stettin Autonomous Socialist Republic (SASR)
Стеттин Автономўўс Социйалис Республикаси (САСР)
14th April 2009 - 9th May 2009
For Cheslovia
Preussens Gloria
Official language(s) English, Cheslovian
Capital Serov
Date founded As SASR, 14th April 2009
Number of citizens 2 (1 Cheslovian)
Number of active citizens 2
Government Socialist
Current leader Iigon Dzyozhov
National animal None

The Stettin Autonomous Socialist Republic (Cheslovian: Стеттин Автономўўс Социйалис Республикаси, Stettin Avtonoműűs Sotsiyalis Respublikasi) was a provisional member and temporary constituent of the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics. Established briefly as an independent state, the Republic came under the control of the Union at 21:01 UTC on April 14 2009 and be restored to Cheslovian control at 21:02 UTC on July 13, assuming Stettin does not withdraw from the Union before this date. The admission of the Republic into the USMR comes following three-day diplomatic talks between the Union and Cheslovian leadership after the possibility of a Cheslovian-USMR merger was discussed. It was agreed by both parties that it would be best to admit one constituent of Cheslovia provisionally into the Union to see if they found the environment suitable to their own systems, and Premier Kai Roosevelt has noted that the Union would be willing to "admit some of Cheslovia's Republics permanentely whilst allowing others to remain independent if the Cheslovian government wishes it".

Once the provisional membership has expired, Stettin will issue a formal report to the Cheslovian government on the political systems of the Union so that they may decide if permanent membership is wise. Stettin is officially still considered to be a Cheslovian constituent by the federal government there - the USMR however recognises Stettin as a "Special Federal Administrative and Economic Zone of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia". This unique title is necessary to allow Stettin provisional membership which, strictly speaking, would be otherwise illegal. As an Automonous Socialist Republic, Stettin is not eligible for recognition by all-Union legislative authorities. As such Stettin is not permitted a seat in the national legislature in it's own right. Instead, Stettin is represented as the Erusian Special Federal Administrative and Economic Zone, being afforded one seat in the legislature as a delegate of Erusia. Stettin's legislator is officially endorsed by the Erusian National Communist Party to allow this to happen. The DPRE itself has absolutely no influence over Stettin and is bilaterally equal to Stettin in practice.

On 17 April 2009, former Cheslovian ministers Valdas Kalpokas and Viyoleta Zilinskas visited the Stettin Autonomous Socialist Republic and commented that the 90 Day Project will be benificial for both the USMR and Cheslovia in regards to cultural experiences on both sides.