Krighton Republic

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The flag of Krighton

The Krighton Republic (also known as The Republic of Krighton or simply Krighton) was a micronation that is considered to be an early version of the current Cheslovian Federation. Krighton was founded in late 1999, and existed during The Tribe, the leader of Krighton, Urosh Dushanov, was also a citizens of the Tribe.

When the Tribe split into two nations (The Clan and the Cheslovian Federation), both Cheslovia (then knwn as Amtin) was merged with Krighton because both nations had the same leader.


Krighton was not situated in Baltia, altough it is associated with Baltia, when Krighton merged with Cheslovia, Cheslovia was still not loctaed in Baltia, it was only in early 2006 that the Baltian nations came to be, before then, Baltia did not exist and all Baltian nations (at the time only the Clan and Cheslovia) were scattered around the city of Oxford and near by areas of the UK. Many records concerning Krighton were lost, however it can be confirmed that Krighton had at least three states, two of which have unknown names (their names cannot be remembered by any one) however one is suspected to have been called Mooton, the state that can be named is Amtin, a state with the same name as the nation that split from The Tribe in 2003. Amtin was situated in what is now Beslau, Cheslovia. Krighton had other territories, their names are also lost among the records although, they are suspected to have been called Oxdoo, Exedoo, Cax, Boran, Dune, Equodor, Volrock and Hingolea as these were names used by the Cheslovian government (paticularly Urosh Dushanov) during that era.

Other nation similar to Krighton

A nation called Terrock Republic was founded in 2005 and its leader was Urosh Dushanov (the same leader as Cheslovia, which was founded in 2003). Terrock merged back into Cheslovia in late 2005, many records concerning Terrock were lost.