Political parties of Cheslovia

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Cheslovian Federation

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The first Cheslovian political parties were created during the Kaznian Empire, however these imperial political parties had fallen into disuse during the Kingdom of Kaznia. However, in post Kaznian Rebirth Cheslovia, there have been two political parties which have similar views on politics, these are the Social Industrialists and the Socialist Party of Stettin.

Social Industrialists

The logo of the Social Industrialists

The Social Industrialists (SI) strive for the creation of equal laws in Cheslovia, it also plans for creating more industries which will then help to start the Cheslovian Economy properly. On the 4th of June the Social Industrialists had finished their plans for the "Tarnovak Industrial Centre" which was built in Transylvakia to help industry in the area thrive and have also helped organise other Cheslovian businesses notably Kazkom and Újudvar. The SI are currently the leading party in Cheslovia.

The Socialist Party of Stettin

The logo of the Socialist Party of Stettin

The Socialist Party of Stettin (SPS) is similar to the SI in that it plans for a fairer and more liberal Cheslovia, however, there is an unconfirmed possibility that the SPS will ban religion (or organised religion). Historically the SPS was a political part for Stettin Republic, so that the Republic could take part in the 90 Day Merger Deal between Cheslovia and the USMR.