Parliament of Hashima (2014-15)

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Hashimai Parlament HU

Parlamento di Hashima IT
Coat of arms or logo
HousesSenate (Szenátus HU, Senato IT)
President of the Parliament
Claudia Totto, Nationalist Party of Hashima
since 28 September 2014
Prime Minister
Crown Prince Umberto of Hashima, Nationalist Party of Hashima
since 28 September 2014
Seats10 Ministers + Prime Minister
Senate political groups
     Nationalist Party of Hashima (11)
Senate last election
28 September 2014

The Parliament of Hashima is the Legislature of the Principality of Hashima and as such is the supreme lawmaking body within the nation.

Voting Age

Inside the Principality of Hashima, citizens can vote for elections of the various ministers; the minimum age for can vote is 18 years old.
Citizens that are members of the Nationalist Party of Hashima can also being candidate for be a new minister; the minimum age for can be a candidate is 25 years old.


The Single chamber is the Senate (Szenátus HU, Senato IT).


Part IV, Article 11 of The Constitution of the Principality of Hashima states that "the legislative power is vested in the National Parliament".

Terms of Parliament

Ministers of the National Parliament are citizens publicly elected by the People. Their office ends after a three-year term, when they lose their electoral rights or when both the Prince of Hashima and Princess of Hashima dissolve the National Parliament.