Prince of Hashima

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Prince of the
Principality of Hashima
Prince Fabrizio I of Hashima

since 26 October 2015
Term lengthAll life long
Inaugural holderPrince Fabrizio I of Hashima
Formation26 October 2015
Salary1000 Lirint of Hashima per month

The Prince of Hashima is the head of State (together with the Princess of Hashima) of the Principality of Hashima.
The title of Prince is acquired by royal inheritance.
Its office lasts for all his life.
The first Prince of Hashima (that is still keeping his office) is Prince Fabrizio I of Hashima.

Constitutional role

According to the Constitution of the Principality of Hashima, the Prince (and the Princess too) has sole prerogative over the following:

  • The power to choose the Prime Minister from a member of the royal family and approve candidates for the other Ministers.
  • The power to call a local or general election before the maximum term has expired.
  • The power to veto in acts and decrees of the Parliament of the Principality of Hashima, by not giving Royal Consent.
  • The power to appoint ambassadors in the foreign embassies of the Principality of Hashima.
  • The power to offer to people honorary citizenship and other honors.
  • The power to approve Candidates for Mayor of the city of Hashima.
  • The power to issue Royal Decrees, laws which apply to the whole Micronation.

The Prince has many more minor powers and duties, not all purely ceremonial, such as the right to declare war and the power to institute new national days, and generally, being under an absolutely monarchy, together with the Princess is free to do everything.

List of Princes

Picture Name Party Term Term start Term end Notes
Prince Fabrizio I of Hashima Nationalist Party of Hashima 1 26 October 2015 Proclaimed Prince after the change of denomination of Hashima from "People's Republic of" to "Principality of".