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—  District of Acre  —
Country Akkoflag.png Islamic Emirate of Acre
Created 25 January 2020
 - Total 32.7 km2 (12.6 sq mi)
Population (2019)
 - Total 60,000
Demonym Nahariyan
Website Map of Acre

Nahariya is a district located in the Islamic Emirate of Acre. Named after the city of Nahariya, it is Acre's northernmost land claim, bordering the district of New Acre to the south, Israel to the east and Lebanon to the north. The district includes the surrounding countryside, as well as a number of kibbutzim.

Districts of Acre (Nahariya in blue)


Nahariya is one of Acre's more contested districts. The city itself is split between, and has been represented by, the People's Democratic Union, the Labor Zionist Party, the Liberal Union, the Peace & Equality Party and the Conservative Party. The PDU and the PEP rely on the town of Mazra'a, the only part of Nahariya with a substantial Arab population, while the Labor Zionists and the Liberal Union mostly contest the centre of Nahariya. The Conservatives dominate the city's northern sections, as well as the large Rosh HaNikra constituency to the city's north, which includes many Haredi kibbutzim.

Members of Parliament Population Area
     Conservative (2)
     Labor Zionist (1)
     People's Democratic Union (1)
60,000 32.7