Monarchy of Bonumland

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Empress of Bonumland
Isabella I
StyleHer Majesty
Heir presumptiveUnknown
First monarchIsabella I
Formation13 December 2020

The Monarchy of Bonumland, formally known as the Imperial Majesty, is the reigning institution comprising the Monarch of Bonumland and the Bonumlandian Imperial Family. The monarchy holds little power over the function of the government though does have some involvement. The Monarch - Emperor if male and Empress if female - is the head of state of Bonumland. The succession to the Throne is handpicked by the reigning Monarch; in the event that the Monarch has not chosen an heir at the point of death or abdication the National Assembly convenes for a special session to select the next Monarch. The current Monarch is Isabella I who ascended to the Throne upon the establishment of the monarchy on 13 December 2020.

Powers of the Crown

Under the Constitution, the Monarch bears some powers and responsibilities related to the operations of the government:

  • Responsibility: to ensure order and productivity at meetings of the National Assembly.
  • Power: to nominate a Judge in the event of a vacancy.
  • Responsibility: to grant royal assent to legislation passed by the National Assembly.
  • Power: to propose legislation to be discussed during meetings of the National Assembly.
  • Responsibility: to chair meetings of the Executive Council.
  • Power: to nominate candidates for positions in the Executive Council.

List of Monarchs

No. Name
Full name
Portrait Reign House Notes Title
Reign start Reign end Reign duration
1 Isabella I
Addison Dillon
born 2006
13 December
Incumbent 1009 days Dillon Founder of the monarchy. Empress of Bonumland
Princess of Malinovia
The royal standard.


The most common representation of the Monarch is that of the royal standard, which consists of a red and blue fourths design with a gold lion in the upper left corner. The royal standard is only permitted to be flown on buildings housing or vehicles transporting the Monarch, although sometimes the royal standard is used during Go BBC's "Message from the Empress" section where it is shown during the introduction.

God Save the Empress, the reigning monarch's personal anthem

The Monarch is represented by a personal appointee who, unless a special case is made for a personal appearance of the Monarch, will speak on behalf of the Monarch during press conferences and other media. The representative is not a government-affiliated job, as it is considered a private job as a subordinate of the Monarch.

The Monarch is almost always given a grand salute of their personal anthem, "God Save the Empress (or Emperor if the Monarch is male).

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