Monarchism in Gwladcoeden

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Monarchism in Gwladcoeden is a collection of political movements that seeks to establish a monarchy (mostly constitutional monarchy) in the Republic of Gwladcoeden. Before the Republican Amendment, monarchist movements were divided into major two groups: advocates for the House of Meister (based in the Kingdom of Wynnland); and advocates for a new, separate monarchy headed by Ned Fram.


In Gwladcoeden, monarchism is largely focused on the democratic establishment of a monarch, and more recently, is the advocation against the Republican Amendment, a proposed amendment to Gwladcoeden’s constitution making any establishment of a monarchy unconstitutional, thus protecting political freedom to establish a monarchy through referendum.


County of Gwladcoeden (Caudonia)

From October 2020 to December 2020, Gwladcoeden was revived as a county of the Principality of Caudonia. During its short existence, Caudonia was reined over by the Princely House of Caudonia.

Republic of Daragonia

In Commonwealth of Daragonia, the Monarchist Party was founded 19 March 2020 but was later dissolved on 22 March 2020. It’s dissolution came about after debates with key figures from the Republican Peoples Party and a floundering membership. It supported a constitutional monarchy.

While Daragonia wasn’t an official successor to Gwladcoeden, it’s associated with Gwladcoeden due to it seceding from Caudonia and many common citizens being in the former county.

Republic of Gwladcoeden

Two monarchist parties have existed in the Republic of Gwladcoeden. Currently, one party is active but has no representation in the Gwladcoedeg Senedd.

The Kings Party

On 15 May 2021, the Kings Party (Welsh: Y Frenhinwyr) was formed by conservatives Pryderi ap Pwyll and Ben Evans. It was one of two monarchist political movements. During the May 2021 Gwladcoedeg general election, The Kings Party gained 10% of the popular vote in the but would not gain a seat. The Kings Party wasn't popular. On 16 May 2021, Gwladcoeden Broadcasting Service's (GBS) May 2021 Gwladcoed Election Exit Poll reported that the party only had 2/22 votes; Iacof also referred to the party as a 'joke party'. On 23 May 2021, GBS' GBC Poll Three saw party gain 0/25 votes, despite an earlier poll on the same day stating that 5/24 voters would 'support the establishment of some kind of monarchy', demonstrating that the party was unpopular amongst monarchist advocates in Gwladcoeden. The Kings Party disbanded around 21 June 2021 to 14 July 2021 when ap Pwyll left the country. PWMGRANAD politician SCHLYOPPA SCHLYOPPATOV stated that the party 'Got PWMered'.

After Cerdic Claviceps return to politics on 21 August 2021, it was declared the following day on the Gwladcoeden Broadcasting Service that ‘The Kings Party has re-formed following a long period of inactivity. It is now lead by Cerdix Claviceps.’ The Kings Party joined with the Conservative Monarchist Party in the No Campaign.

Conservative Monarchist Party

The Conservative Monarchist Party (CMP), a self-described 'Caudonian Unionist Party of Wynnish Nationalist Party', was founded by Maximilian (its sole member) on 17 August 2021, the same day Maximilian became a citizen, after a public debate between Maximilian, Labour Party leader Andrew West, and Deputy Premier Nicholas O’Neill, the latter republicans. The main ideology of the Conservative Monarchist Party was the advocation of monarchy, though it was believed that the party also supported the unification of Gwladcoeden, Caudonia, and the Kingdom of Wynnland.

The Consrrvative Monarchist Party was one of the No Campaign parties, posting one campaign poster during the campaign, before Maximilian renounced his citizenship, unofficially disbanding the party.

Republicanism Amendment Debate and the No Campaign

The Republicanism Amendment Debate was a period of political tension in the Republic of Gwladcoeden between the monarchist parties and the Coalition for the Republic from 17 August 2021 to 25 August 2021, particularly during the August 2021 Gwladcoeden Pendraigol Election. The period consisted of public debates between influential politicians and heavy campaigning for the Republicanism Amendment to the constitution.

It is agreed the period when Maximilian became a citizen of Gwladcoeden on 17 August 2021 and a public debate occured between him, and Labour Party leader Andrew West, and Deputy Premier Nicholas O’Neill, the latter republicans.

Campaigning for the August 2021 election was opened on 17 August 2021. The No Campaign posted its first campaign on the same date, which was met with criticism from Andrew West and then-Pendraig Iacof ap Antoni. On 18 August 2021, monarchist Ned Fram declared that ‘I’ll probably vote no’, ap Antoni publically stated that ‘we don't really have a candidate to be monarch‘ apart from Conservative Monarchist Party leader von Meister. Fram proposed being a candidate for King of Gwladcoeden, to which ap Antoni responded ‘I don't want Gwlad to be a monarchy but if we did become one I'd nominate you.’, von Meister declared supporting ‘Ned as King’. On the next day, Nicholas O’Neill stated in the Office of the Pendraig that ‘Max just wants to push to make himself King.’

On 21 August 2021, Cerdic Claviceps, the ‘sole remaining member’ of the Kings Party, came back after a break from politics and posted a campaign in favour of monarchy, which was also met with criticism; he was then suggested by Iacof ap Antoni to ‘join Solidarity’

On August 22, 2021, Maximilian von Meister renounced his citizenship, unofficially disbanding the Conservative Monarchist Party defunct and the Kings Party the sole monarchist party. Cerdic Claviceps declared that ‘By decree, The King's Party advises this ungrounded and trivial election to be boycotted utterly.’. The Kings Party called ‘for all young men and women to shout with one voice, saying: “Down with Tyranny! Down with Immorality! Down with the Republic!”’ on 25 August 2021

The August 2021 Gwladcoeden Pendraigol Election concluded on 25 August 2021, with the election results posted on the same day; the amendment to ‘prohibit the conferral of titles of nobility, the establishment of a monarchy, or the undermining of the republican character of Gwladcoeden.’ was adopted, solidifying Gwladcoeden as a republic.

Notable Monarchists


Maximilian von Meister

Maximilian von Meister was a citizen of Gwladcoeden from 17 August 2021 until 22 August 2021. He was also the founder of the Conservative Monarchist Party.


Ned Fram

Despite being a monarchist, Ned Fram doesn’t actively support a monarchy in Gwladcoeden. However, Ned Fram did vote No during the No Campaign. Maximilian von Meister (head of the CMP) supported the appointment of Ned Fram as the monarch of Gwladcoeden.

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