Republican Peoples Party (Daragonia)

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Republican Peoples Party
LeaderIacof ap Sidwofsci
Deputy LeaderLuna Lyieovich
SloganFreedom, Equality and Brotherhood!
Freedom, equalitie an britherhood!
Rhyddid, cydraddoldeb a Undod!
Saorsa, Co-ionannachd agus Bràithreachas!
AnthemThe Red Flag
Founded13 march 2020
Membership  (2020)6
Minority rights
Social democracy
Political positionLeft-wing
Centre-left to Far-left
International affiliationThe Socialist Micronational
Official coloursWhite, blue, red and green
National Assembly
2 / 5
Party flag
Republican Banner of Daragonia.png

The Republican Peoples Party (Scots: Republican Fowks Pairty) (Welsh: Plaid Pobl Weriniaethol) (Scottish Gaelic: Pàrtaidh Sluagh Poblachdachis) is a Left-wing political party in Daragonia founded and lead by Iacof ap Sidwofsci. Its core principles are Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood as professed in their Party motto. The Republican Peoples Party rules Daragonia in a coalition government with the independent Assembly Member Beans


The Republican Peoples Party was founded on the 13th of march 2020. The party gained 2 seats in the april parliamentary elections, one seat short of a majority. They entered into a coalition government with a left-wing independent. On the 19th of april the party agreed to hold its first party conference. It as universally agred that the party sub-groups were redundnat and ought to be disbanded.

Internal organisation

The Republican Peoples Party is a relatively transparent party. Party members are heavily involved within the policy making process dring elections, and there are multiple conferences every year. From the 13th of march to the 19th of april three sub-parties existed (The Communist party, Syndiclaist party and Social-democratic party) however it was agreed to disbanded them all after the first party conference as they were seen as redundant.


The RPP are a very Progressive party, supporting equality between all peoples no matter their race, sex or ability. As a result they strongly oppose Fascism and authoritarianism. In the eyes of the RPP Conservative social policy is incompatable with a cohesive and democratic community as it asserts that some people are better or more worthy than others. The RPP are strongly Republican and Anti-monarchist, hence their name.

Electoral results


Electoral results for the National Assembly.

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
April 2020 2 45%
2 / 5
2 in government

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