Monarchist Party of Daragonia

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Monarchist Party of Daragonia
LeaderValerian Aetheling
SloganFor King and Country!
AnthemGod Save the King
Founded19 march 2020
Membership  (March 2020)1
Political positionCentre-left
Official coloursPurple
National Assembly
0 / 10
Cabinet ministers
0 / 8
Party flag
Daragonian monarchist flag.png

The Monarchist party of Daragonia is a defunct centre-left political party that was active in Daragonia between the 19th of march and the 22nd of march. After many debates with key figures from the Republican Peoples Party and a floundering membership the party dissolved. The Party advocated for the establishment of a constitutional monarchy.


Founding of the party

The Monarchist Party was formed shortly after the other main parties on the 19th of March 2020. It was founded by Valerian Starm Aetheling with the goal of the establishment of a constitutional monarchy.


The Party, obviously, supported the establishment of a Daragonian monarchy. But the party was also a pacifist party, being against war unless the nation was declared upon. The Party also supported the government strongly promoting its citizens to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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