Minister of Foreign Affairs (Faltree)

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Faltree
Flag of Faltree
Coat of arms of Thomas Jacobs.svg
Thomas Jacobs

since 5 February 2023
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
StyleThe Honorable
StatusForeign Minister
Term lengthNone set
First holderJacob Vancapelle

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is a government position in Faltree, which primarily manages the foreign affairs of Faltree. Whomever holds the position is usually appointed by the Interior Minister of Faltree.

List of Ministers of Foreign Affairs

No. Minister Portrait Term start Term end Party
1 Jacob Vancapelle DalerkPortrait.png 14 May 2021 20 August 2021
N/A Independent
2 Daniel Quintero Faltreegeneric1.png 21 August 2021 16 September 2021
Faltrian Workers' Party
3 Jacob Vancapelle DalerkPortrait.png 16 September 2021 28 March 2022
Cliff Environmentalist Party
Vacancy for 1 day
4 Connor Shaw Coat of arms of Connor Shaw.svg 29 March 2022 17 November 2022
(Served term)
Union Bloc.svg
Union Bloc
Faltrian Laborers' Front
Union Bloc
5 Jacob Vancapelle DalerkPortrait.png 18 November 2022 18 December 2022
(Elected as Commander of Faltree)
Faltrian Railroad Association
Vacancy for 22 days
6 Luciferio Mickomik LuciNewPortrait.png 9 January 2023 5 February 2023
Radical Satanist Party
7 Thomas Jacobs Coat of arms of Thomas Jacobs.svg 5 February 2023 Incumbent
Faltrian Stalwart League