Mervustan Defence Brigade

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Mervustan Defence Brigade
Flag of Mervustan
Active19 September 2021 - present
AllegianceNational Army
TypeProvincial defence brigade under federal supervision
RoleTo protect the Province of Mervustan and the Roscami Federation
Engagements2021 Facist Self-Coup in Roscamistan
2022 RLF-Greater Roscam war
CommanderMatthew Tonna
Lieutenant CommanderVacant

The Mervustan Defence Brigade is the provincial defence brigade based in Mervustan, and is commanded by Matthew Tonna. The defence brigade was formed by the joint prerogative of Doros Patusky, the then First Secretary of State in the national cabinet, and Matthew Hanlon, also known as Viscount Mervustan, the incumbent Prime Minister of Mervustan at the time.


The idea of a military unit in the most important and strategic province of Roscamistan was brought up by Doros Patusky as he wanted to do reforms in many aspects, especially the Defence Forces. Over a small period in September 2021, he tried to get people to help him. He got the help of the Prime Minister of the province, Matthew Hanlon.

However, one of the main problems to this was that Anthony Hanlon, Evan's brother, was opposed to the idea of a large military unit so close to him. Eventually Anthony Hanlon saw the benefits over the downsides, and joined the unit upon its creation on 19 September 2021. Due to his work keeping Mervustan loyal to the Government, Patusky became the first Governor of Mervustan. He made his position of Commander of the militia an ex officio role of the Governor.

In November 2023, the National Congress passed a new act creating new Provincial Defence Brigades (PDB) out of the old militias.[1] The Mervustan Miltia was renamed the Mervustan Defence Brigade, and split into Land Defence and Naval Defence units.


The Mervustan Defence Brigade (MDB) is commanded by the Governor of Mervustan, with the Lieutenant Governor of Mervustan as his lieutenant. The MDB is ultimately under the joint control of the Ministry of Defence and the Mervustan government. The Chief of the Defence Staff gives orders to the commander when necessary.

The MDB is composed like all PDBs into Land Defence and Naval Defence units.