Maligaon Lok Sabha constituency

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Lok Sabha Constituency
IncumbentSuryadeva Kapei
Parliamentary PartyNational People's Congress
Elected Year2022 (by-election)
Constituency Details
Most Successful PartyNational People's Congress (7 times)

Maligaon is a constituency represented in the Lok Sabha, the unicameral legislature of Vishwamitra and is one of the 6 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state of Purvanchal. This constituency was established in 2010 and has continuously been existing since then.

Maligaon constituency is one of the most important constituencies in the Lok Sabha and has been mostly been represented by a senior member of the government. The longest serving MP was Varuna Sriraya who represented this constituency during his tenure as the prime minister. The constituency is currently represented by Suryadeva Kapei of the National People's Congress.


The constituency came into existence in 2010 and since then has been continuously represented in the Lok Sabha. The first MP was Varuna Sriraya who was elected to the 1st Lok Sabha in 2010 and subsequently also became the prime minister. Thereupon, he was elected to the parliament on seven other occasions and represented the constituency in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th Lok Sabha. During his absence, the seat was represented by Arnab Sil in the 8th Lok Sabha and he subsequently won from the seat in the 10th, 11th and 12th Lok Sabha.

In the March 2021 general election, Princess Asmi won from the seat as a candidate of the ruling National People's Congress and that was the sole instance when the sitting MP from the constituency failed to find a place in the cabinet. In the 14th Lok Sabha, Ested Vlasyn was elected to represent the constituency and he went on to become the Minister of National Development. However, he resigned as a member in January 2022. In a by-election held in May 2022, independent candidate Charles Burgardt was elected from the seat and he too resigned in August the same year.

During the 2022 general election, NPC president Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia was elected unopposed from the seat. However, he resigned from the constituency after being elected from the Kalapani constituency. In the by-election held on 26 November 2022, Union Minister Suryadeva Kapei was victorious defeating Rory Leonard of the Vishwamitran National Party.

The National People's Congress is till date the most successful political party from the constituency having won the seat during seven general elections consecutively since 2018.

Members of parliament

Year Lok Sabha Members of parliament Party
2010 1st Lok Sabha Varuna Sriraya Independent
2012 2nd Lok Sabha
2014 3rd Lok Sabha
Feb 2015 4th Lok Sabha
Dec 2015 5th Lok Sabha
Apr 2016 6th Lok Sabha Friends Society Secular Party
Dec 2016 7th Lok Sabha
2017 8th Lok Sabha Arnab Sil Friends Society Freedom Party
Mar 2018[a] 9th Lok Sabha Varuna Sriraya Friends Societal Congress
Nov 2018 10th Lok Sabha Arnab Sil
2019 11th Lok Sabha
2020 12th Lok Sabha National People's Congress
Mar 2021 13th Lok Sabha Princess Asmi
Nov 2021[b] 14th Lok Sabha Ested Vlasyn
2022^ Charles Burgardt Independent
2022 15th Lok Sabha Arthur Lacey-Scott-FitzLacia[c] National People's Congress
2022^ Suryadeva Kapei

^ indicates by-elections

  1. The constituency was known as East Goshala constituency.
  2. resigned in January 2022
  3. resigned in November 2022

Election results

Bye-election November 2021

Bye-election November 2021: Maligaon
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
NPC Suryadeva Kapei 8 57.1% N/A
VNP Rory Leonard 6 42.9% N/A
Majority 2 14.2%
NPC hold

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