Joint List for the Protection of Arab Communities

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Joint List for the Protection of Arab Communities
القائمة المشتركة لحماية الجاليات العربية
LeaderAli Kadhimi
Founded23 March 2021
Ideology • Arab interests
 • Big tent
Internal Factions
 • Arab socialism
 • Centre-left politics
 • Marxism-Leninism
Official colours     Green
Akkan Parliament
12 / 37
CountryAkkoflag.png Acre

The Joint List for the Protection of Arab Communities, more commonly shortened simply to the Joint List is a political alliance between the People's Democratic Union, the Peace & Equality Party and the Communist Party. Created in response to the Grand Palace Seizure, the aims of the Joint List are to elect Arab and Arab-supporting MPs into coalition government, to promote the rights of Arab citizens, the Emir of Acre, the Shura Councill and the Sharia courts, and to reform Akkan politics so as to better protect these entities in the future. The Joint List is led by Ali Kadhimi, who is also the Chairman of the PDU who constitute the largest contingent of the List.

Electoral performance

Election year Leader % +/- seats won +/- Government
April 2021 Ali Kadhimi 32% 6%
12 / 37
2 in coalition government