Gayverian-Ausverian War

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Gayverian-Ausverian War
Ausverian flag planted on claimed Gayverian soil
Date14–21 March 2021)
 Gayveria  Ausveria
Commanders and leaders
Units involved

The Gayverian-Ausverian War was a satirical micronational war between Ausveria and the breakaway state of Gayveria. It began on the 14 March 2021 after a majority vote in the Gayverian voting hall. The declaration of war was initially met with confusion and humorous remarks from members of the Ausverian government. The war ended when Gayverian Long Island Was seized and Gayveria was dissolved shortly afterwards.



Since the breakaway state of Gayveria was founded tensions between it and Ausveria have been high, Gayveria made land claims near an Ausverian Reichskomissariat which were tolarated until an Ausverian government official defected to Gayveria. On 11 March 2021 the Ausverian Revolutionary Guard entered Gayveria's claims and planted an Ausverian flag.

Beginning of the War

Gayveria officially declared war on Ausveria on 14 March 2021 after a vote in the voting hall of Gayveria was passed 10-5 in favor of war. Since then both Ausveria and Gayveria have had co-belligerents join both respective sides. The Empire of Ausveria, a proclaimed monarchist state in Ausveria has declared its' support in-favor of Ausveria being partitioned. Similarily Ausveria has had the Duchy of Pontunia join its' side despite the Ausverian government declining support from Pontunia. Pontunia then attempted to back the Empire of Ausveria in the conflict, failing and then having both Gayveria and Ausveria declare war on Pontunia.

March 15th Truce

On the 15 March, Ausveria and Gayveria both agreed on a temporary 4 hour ceasefire to work together to destroy Pontunia. This ceasefire lasted from 8:03 p.m. to 12:49 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Ausveria and Gayveria resumed hostilities after the end of this ceasefire.

Collapse of the "Empire of Ausveria"

On 16 March at 11:14 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, Emperor Kenneth announced that the so called "Empire of Ausveria" had ceased to exist.

March 18th Gayverian coup attempt

At 9:46 on 18 March, Generalissimo Leon Montan attempted to overthrow the democratic government of Gayveria, the coup attempt was quickly defeated and Montan was stripped of his rank and Gayverian citizenship. Leon montan was replaced by Hunt Powell

Unofficial end

Due to the start of the Ausverian Civil War Ausveria ended all plans against other micronations including against Gayveria.

International response

  •  Tesforia - On 14 March 2021, Tesforia offered diplomatic support for Gayveria while staying out of the war, however Tesforia is prepared for hostilities if threatened.
  •  Paloma - On March 2021, President McGrath of Paloma stated "this is dumb" on the subject of the war.
  •  Pontunia - On 15 March 2021, Duke Andrew I announced military support to Ausveria. However, the Ausverian government has declined support from Pontunia entirely. Pontunia has since supported many sides, and as of 22 March 2021, unofficially supports Ausveria, and has closed off diplomatic ties with Gayvaria.
  • Drietsland - On 16 March, King Seved I stated "While we see the Ausverian Volksrepublik as the sole Ausverian State, I want to reiterate the fact that in Drietsland, LGBTQ+ People possess equal rights as to any other individual." in response to the outbreak of the war, refusing to recognise Gayveria and reaffirming the rights of LGBTQ+ people in Drietsland.
  • Anarcia - On 22 March Anarcia has declared that it doesn’t recognize Gayveria and will iterate that Ausveria is the sole state. The president has declared that he "openly engaged hostile due to the banning of Sylvie and others for illegitimate reasons." Citing the banishment being describing sexual/inappropriate to minors as a false claim, and that the Gayverian government as well as "Duck" should either reform entirely or become defunct. He also has iterated and stated they’ve casually talked sexually being minors and to minors as well as casually talking about cannibalism.