Foreign Office (Roscamistan)

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Foreign Office
Oifig Eachtrach (Irish)
Logo of the Foreign Office
Agency overview
Formed3 November 2021
Preceding Agency
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
TypeForeign Ministry
JurisdictionFederal Government
Headquarters Galway City
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
Agency executive
  • vacant, Permanent Secretary for the Diplomatic Corps
Parent departmentCabinet

The Foreign Office is a ministry in the Cabinet responsible for formulating foreign policy and diplomatic relations of Roscamistan. The Foreign Office in its modern form was created on 3 November 2021, after previously being called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 18 February 2021 to 3 November 2021.



Upon the foundation of the nation in February 2021, a foreign ministry was set up. Newly appointed President Thomas Jacobs made himself Minister of Foreign Affairs, though due to the lack of known Micronations other than Roscamistan in Galway at the time, and isolation from the internet sphere of micronationalism, it held little importance.

August to November 2021

On 13 August 2021, Katherine Keadivich was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, replacing President Jacobs. She served a small role due to the still ongoing isolation of Roscamistan, though nominally was a high ranking minister. On 29 October, she would be replaced by Adam Flannery, former First Secretary of State. On 3 November 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was liquidated and reformed as the Foreign Office. A week later the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs was morphed into the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, bringing a higher level of prestige to the office. Flannery would attempt and fail to create foreign relations with micronations and organisations such as the Micronational Assembly. On 28 November, Flannery was replaced by President Jacobs for his second and incumbent term.

Post November 2021

Since November 2021, the Foreign Office grew its capacity for diplomacy after the creation of the official Roscamistan server on 23 December 2021. A major triumph was the creation of relations with the fledgling nation Ballinfoyleburg in December 2021 and the beginning of relations with Östruck in January 2022, and expanding into the MicroWiki Sector, gaining mutual recognition with multiple Micronations.


The Foreign Office is structured like other ministries in the executive branch. The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs serves as the head of the Foreign Office, and its director, assisted by the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. He alongside the President of the Federation create and sign diplomatic treaties, give opinions on world issues and manage relations with other nations.