Efrasachin General Court

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Established19 April 2020
Composition methodNominated by Empress, appointed by Parliament
Authorized byConstitution of Efransa
Judge term lengthLife
Number of positions3
Supreme Justice
Since7 April 2021

The General Court of the Efrasachin Empire (Efrasachin: Micoure Mugenerale mod'Imperie Melfrasachin), commonly known as the Court is the sole court in the Efrasachin Empire. The Court consists of the Supreme Justice of Efransa and two Puisne Justices. The General Court is divided into three chambers. The General Court is headquartered at the Hall of Justice in Soavet.

The Ministry of Justice is associated with the General Court, the Director of Public Prosecutions oversees all criminal cases. The Solicitor-General argues civil and special court cases on behalf of the government. The Court Administrative Conference, headed by the Judicial Secretary, assists the Supreme Justice with clerical functions.


The General Court originated as the Grand Court of Consuls of the County Palatine of Maradia. It was overseen by the Grand Consul of Maradia, and consisted of three Core Consuls.

The Supreme Court of Floeratia (later Efransa) succeeded the Grand Court. This was followed by the Supreme Federal Court of the Efrasachin (Iblusigonian) Empire. The Supreme Federal Court in itself was succeeded by the Federal Court of Tribarcas.

Under Maradia-Fienomige, the Federal Court returned to being the Supreme Court, some functions of which were delegated to the High Court. This was succeeded by the High Court of Ludisirga and later by the Supreme Court of the Union of Efransa.

The High Court of Justice was founded on April 19, 2020 along with the rest of His Majesty’s Government. Under the Commonwealth of Efransa, the Council of Lords exercised Judicial power. The modern General Court was established by the Imperial Constitution on April 7, 2021.


The General Court is organized into three divisions: the Court of Session (Civil); the Court of Justice (Criminal); and the Special Court (other), each Justice is assigned to one Division. The full court is known as the Court of Cassation <ref> Crimes and Courts Act, 2021 Cite error: The opening <ref> tag is malformed or has a bad name. The Supreme Justice oversees the administration of the court.

Notable Cases



  • The Crown vs. The Lord of Guane
  • The Crown vs. The Viscountess Majestica



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