Holy Dussesh Empire

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Holy Dussesh Empire
Sacro Imperio Dussamarqués
Swashchennashvaa Dushvaya Hemperishva
Motto: Deus non unit
Atéshograd (before 27 May 2011)
Largest cityRomerillo
Official languagesSpanish • German • Dussmarchoise
GovernmentImperial absolute monarchy
Establishment19 April 2011
CurrencyDussesh vishke
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Cizlandeese Empire

Dussmark (in Spanish: Dussamarca, in German: Düssemark, in Dussmarchoise: Dusshesva) was the common name of the Holy Dussesh Empire, (in Spanish: Sacro Imperio Dussamarqués, in German: Heiliges Düssesch Reich, in Dussmarchoise: Swashchennashvaa Dushvaya Hemperishva), a micronation of the Valtir Sector founded in April 2011. The micronation was the official successor of the Cizlandeese Empire, and much like its predecessor, it contained elements of fantasy.


"Dussmark" comes from Dussekstein, one of the fictional nations that were claimed to have composed Dussmark. The origin of the word "Duss" is unknown, and it was once claimed to be a secret of the state.


The Holy Dussesh Empire was a fictional micronation formed as the successor of the Cizlandeese Empire. To justify the creation of Dussmark, an entire fictional scenario was created, including the existence of two other micronations alongside the Cizlandeese Empire, the Kingdom of Dussekstein and the Czean Republic.

During this period of history of the Valtir sector, the Empire was under secretive control of Tarek Kârjasary, founder and leader through suckpuppeting of the Cizlandeese Republic and later Empire. A "Christian" thematic is established via the "Dussmarchoise Orthodox Church", a Christian denomination akin the Russian Orthodox Church. The Dussmarchoise language, a an attempted conlang with similarities to Slavic languages is established as the Holy Dussesh Empire's official language, though Spanish was still the common tongue.

Eventually, the Holy Dussesh Empire suffered the same destiny as its Cizlandeese predecessors and as quickly as it came it was dissolved on 25 May 2011 when the Kingdom of Montblanc (later known as the Free Monarchial State of Montblanc) was established by Kârjasary.