Diplomatic and Foreign Service of Zealandia

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Diplomatic and Foreign Service of Zealandia
Zeelandiens Utrikesförvaltningen
Official Logo

Headquarters Tyrshavn, Denton, Zealandia

Languages used English, Swedish, Zealandian

Queen Astrid of Zealandia
Minister Responsible Anna Lindström

Foundation April 2, 2010
Reform March 7, 2011

The Diplomatic and Foreign Service of Zealandia (Swedish:Zeelandiens Utrikesförvaltningen), colloquially known simply as The Diplomatic Service is the council of all Zealandian Diplomatic Representatives. It was created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 2nd of April 2010.


The Diplomatic Service is responsible for all Zealandian Diplomatic posts including missions to intermicronational organisations such as the Organisation of Active Micronations and other nations. The role of the Diplomatic Service is to actively pursue and carry out the Ministry of External Affairs policies and to represent Zealandia’s interests abroad, through diplomatic means and via Zealandian Diplomatic Missions.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs

The Minister for Foriegn Affairs is the Chief of the Diplomatic Service as well as the Minister responsible for it. The duties of the minister are to ensure that the service is acting in accordance with the ministry’s policies and general Micronational diplomatic protocol and to ensure that the Diplomatic Service is properly representing Zealandia and Zealandians abroad, The Minister is appointed by the Queen. At the moment the Minister for Foreign Affairs, is Anna Lindström.


Anna Lindström – Minister, Ambassador to Sirocco and Australia.

Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Consuls

  • Katherine Lindström Ambassador to Pacific and Asian region nations.
  • Joseph PuglisiAmbassador to the United States of America, Minister pleonopatarary to all East Coast Micronations on the Canadian-American coast .


  • Commander
  • Minister
  • Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consuls
  • Vice Ambassadors Consul Generals
  • Principle Diplomatic Officers
  • Diplomatic Officers
  • Under Diplomatic Officers
  • Diplomatic Staffers