Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Uskor)

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Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Culture
Agency overview
Formed 2010
Jurisdiction Promoting Uskor's interests in international affairs and the promotion and protection of Uskorian culture and society
Headquarters Tyrshavn
Minister High Queen Charlotte

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Culture (Utrikes och Kulturministeriet) is the ministry responsible for managing Uskor's external, and foreign affairs and cultural output. The Current Minister for Foreign Affairs and Society is Charlotte, the High Queen of Uskor.

Uskorian Foreign Affairs Policy

Uskor maintains many friendly relations both formal and informal with various nations across the planet. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture also promotes Uskorian neutrality.

The Commonwealth of Uskor has a zero tolerance policy on racist, anti LGBT and anti women nations and policies.

Foreign relations

(See: External Relations of Uskor Uskor currently has an open and friendly External Affairs Policy. Uskor is a member of the Grand Unified Micronational until it left following suspension only rejoining in November 2012 and was a member of TASPAC until it was removed in a dubious move by that organisation's chairman, Uskor was also a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations until that organisation was wound up with Charlotte Lindstrom serving as it's last Secretary General (acting).


The Ministry is responsible for protecting the national heritage of Uskor and promoting Uskor's cultural expression.
The Ministry is also responsible for the following agencies and organisations within the cultural remit

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