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Carolusianism is an ideology present in mainly Elarian politics. The ideology mainly supports Charles Madgett as the Monarch of Ela'r'oech, being heavily Royalist. The Carolusians also come from Elarian allied nations, such as Pontunia and Alaria. They mainly form of traditional, conservative, pro-monarchist, and Christian values. The name Carolusian or Carolus comes from latin for Charles. Carolusianism as an ideology does not have many direct teachings, other than the idea that the influence of the Elarian monarchy should be expanded, as well as the support of democracy - to an extent - as well as autonomy for all peoples who wish for it.


Carolusianism has arguably been around since 2020, with Runnymede's Anti-Elarian Behavior, which began a spark of pride for Elarians as well as Neo-Alarians who at the time were supporting their own annexation and expressed the desire for Madgett to be their monarch. Carolusianism at the time was not yet a coined term and this was just considered Elarian pride. However, this would change come the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute, where Carolusianism would still not be coined. However, it was during this time that the term "Carolinianism" had been coined by Christoph Billung, as well as being adopted by most Elarians which directly supported Charles' position as King. However, later in the dispute, this would change to Carolusianism to further integrate the term with Charles as a person, as support for his reign as the sole Elarian Monarch had shot up in foreign micronations.

After the initial dispute, other micronations such as Zeprana and Nogrod would call for Madgett to be their monarch, which would lead to multiple Elarian Realms being established as well as the foundation of the new Empire to establish better organization for each realm. Carolusianism would grow weaker over time as it had yet to be tested, however the Second Elarian Monarchy Dispute would ensure that it would stick around, as it was tested again. However, with the Carolusian ideology pulling through to keep the Empire stable, the ideology has grown to a small extent.

Carolusian Ideals

The ideals of Carolusianism include traditional and conservative values. Ideals are also extremely pro-Monarchist and somewhat linked to Christian faith. In addition to this, since the Rebirthing Era, the sphere of influence of Charles Madgett as the Elarian Monarch has been more closely linked to Carolusianism, with the new ideals of furthering the expansion of his influence as well as additional Elarian Realms being declared.

Link to Elarian Armed Forces

The ideals of Charles' sphere of influence being expanded, as well as additional realms being declared are linked to the Elarian Armed Forces, in the sense of that the armed forces are ready to help this in any way possible, even if it is forced. So in a way, there is a link to the Elarian Armed Forces with more extremist-Carolusian ideals.

Link to Zeprana and former realms

Carolusians have, since Zeprana's leave as a realm, began to grow in the ideal of taking it back as a realm, through any means necessary. Interestingly, when Matthew Cunningham was elected as President of Zeprana, Charles would later ask on 22 May 2022 if Elarian citizens wished to take back Zeprana. He jokingly referred to the takeover as his "birthday present," as he had turned 16 that day. Since, more extreme Carolusians have offered up the idea of retaking Zeprana.

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