Best Party of Zealandia

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Best Party of Zealandia
Parliamentary LeaderJoseph Puglisi
President of the PolitburoCharlotte Lindström
FoundedJuly 27th , 2010 (As SDPZ)
HeadquartersDenton, Zealandia
NewspaperThe Zealandian Times
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
• Forkliftism
• Jawhnaðarstena
International affiliationIntermicronational Socialist Forum
ColoursRed, White, Black

The Best Party of Zealandia (BPZ) was a political party in Zealandia. The Best Party was noted for its connection to the Zealandian Labour movement and the Zealandian Council of Trade Unions.


The Best Party was founded on November 18, 2011 following the merging of the Social Democratic Party of Zealandia and the Zealandian Workers' Party and on January 6, 2012 the party was renamed from Socialist Unity Party of Zealandia to Best Party of Zealandia.

Parliamentary Leaders

Party Structure

The BPZ was governed by the annual congress made up of delegates from the party's branches which then elects the Political Bureau of the BPZ (Politburo) which decides policy matters. The Current Politburo is comprised of:


1st Party Congress

The First Congress of the Socialist Unity Party of Zealandia was held on November 21, 2011 and it decided upon the formation of the first politburo of the party among other motions which include:

  • the ideological standing of the party
  • The Formation of the Politburo
  • Politburo Selection
  • Motion to condemn certain Trotskyists and Revisionists