Zealandian Workers Party

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Zealandian Worker's Party
Zeelandienskt Arbetarpartiet
Zålandieni Arbiter Flokkurinn


Alex Ulbricht (Chairman)

Founded 14 July 2011
Dissolved 18 November 2011
Re-established 10 November 2012
Banned 19 February 2013
Headquarters Southern Zealandia
Ideology Communism, Democratic Socialism, Trotskyism
National affiliation Zealandia
International affiliation SUPL
Official colours Red

The Zealandian Worker's Party (Swedish: Zeelandienskt Arbetarpartiet, Zealandian: Zålandieni Arebiter Flokkurrinn), also known as the ZWP, is a Far-Left political party that operated in Zealandia until it was banned. It was the largest party in the Zealandian National Peoples' Assembly, gaining 22% of the votes in the most recent election prior to the February Statskupp.

In its first incarnation it gained a small amount of representation within the Zealandian Parliament and was the minor partner in a coalition with the SDPZ. When the party's establishment was announced, on Skype, The Rt. Hon Daniel Anderson claimed that it left 'the country crawling with reds', but these claims were refuted as it was evident that Zealandia is a multi-party democracy with only one leftist party prior to the ZWP's establishment. The Party was led by Alex Ulbricht, Admiral of the Zealandian Navy at that time, until he exited Zealandian politics. The ZWP was forcibly amalgamated with the SDPZ within a few months.

The Party was, however, re-established in November 2012 by Ulbricht. The party's revival came just short of a year after the amalgamation with the SDPZ, and also in enough time to partake in legislative elections.

After the February Statskupp, the Electoral Authorities banned the party from working openly within the Zealandian political system, a disregarding of the principles of democracy. The ZWP continues to operate from within the USLSSR, calling for a return to Republicanism and the re establishment of democracy.

Political Stance

The ZWP views itself as a broad Left Wing party, and always has done so. It sees the use of democracy as a key tenant of the Socialist society it offers as its vision for Zealandia's future, in direct opposition to the tyrannical rule of the 'on again off again' monarch. Internationalism is also a key part of the policy outlined by the party, it plans to begin the process of bringing together an intermicronational movement of other Parties of the Left.


  • The unity of the Federal Republic as an entity
  • Glasnost or openness, the party demands a more open democratic process which includes the rule of law and the continuation of due process from the constitution of the Federal Republic
  • The Party supports the nationalisation of any industry within Zealandia
  • Pro-Military, official policy seeks to expand the military's place as part of Zealandian culture
  • Pro-Internationalism, work toward an international movement
  • Pro-atheism, God is seen to have no place in the state or public life and this must be further instilled into the country