Maxine Goldman

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Watch Officer Maxine Goldman
Official portrait
Mouser-General of the Commonwealth of Uskor
Assumed office
April 14, 2015
High Queen Charlotte
Predecessor Office created
Successor incumbent
Personal information
Born Unknown
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Citizenship Uskorian
Residence Officially Tyrshavn
Military service
Nickname(s) Maxie
Allegiance Uskor
Rank Watch Officer

Watch Officer Maxine Goldman. is the current Mouser-General and an officer in the Uskorian Watch of Uskor and pet of the High Queen of Uskor Charlotte. Goldman was adopted by Lindstrom in October of 2015.

Personality and Role in Uskorian Society

Watch Officer Goldman a naturally cautious creature, has become somewhat of a minor inspiration for Uskorians, and is seen as somewhat of a personification of the Zealandian Lion.

Family links to Zealandia

Goldman is the mother of Senior Watchperson Lilly Pond, a cat and member of the Uskorian Watch owned by Amanda Lindstrom.

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