Maxine Goldman

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Maxine Goldman
Official portrait
Mouser-General of the Commonwealth of Uskor
In office
April 14, 2015 - March 4, 2019
High Queen Charlotte
Predecessor Office created
Successor Office vacant
Personal information
Born 2005
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Died 4 March 2019 (age 14)
Mortdale, New South Wales, Australia
Resting place Palace of Lights, Tyrshavn, Hold of Denton, Uskor
Citizenship Uskorian
Residence Officially Tyrshavn
Military service
Nickname(s) Maxie
Allegiance Uskor
Service/branch Uskorian Watch and Ministry for State Security, Markus Wolf Guards Regiment
Rank Watch Officer and Brigadier
Commands 1st Tyrshavn Watch Station
Her Majesty’s Lifeguards Unit, Markus Wolf Guards Regiment

Brigadier and Watch Officer Maxine Goldman was a Mouser-General and an officer in the Uskorian Watch of Uskor and pet of the High Queen of Uskor Charlotte. Goldman was adopted by Her Majesty the High Queen of Uskor in October 2015 and died on the fourth of March 2019.

Personality and Role in Uskorian Society

Maxine was a naturally cautious creature, and had become somewhat of a minor inspiration for Uskorians, and was seen as somewhat of a personification of the Uskorian Lion featured on Uskor's coat of arms.
in October 2018 Maxine was elected to the Landtag of Uskor as an independent delegate with one vote

Family links to Uskor

Maxine is the mother of a cat owned by High Queen Charlotte's sister Amanda Katrinsdottir, that cat also serves in the Uskorian Watch as a Senior Watchperson.

Death and micronational response

On March 4, 2019, Claire Nymoria, found Maxine in Tyrshavn Common suffering from breathing difficulties and lying in a puddle of her own fluids, Nymoria altered the Uskorian Watch who organised for Her Majesty the High Queen, and Maxine to be transported to a local vet where Maxine was diagnosed with fluid on her lungs and heart failure.
Her Majesty stood by Maxine whilst she died.

Micronational response

The micronational reactions to the death of Goldman were the responses to the announcement High Queen Charlotte had made on the MicroWiki discord server.

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