2020 Aswingtonian general election

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Aswingtonian general election, 2020

← 2019 II 12 December 2020
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Candidate Juan Cisneros Max Stenner
Party NDP MP
Alliance Civic Alliance None
Running mate Noah Woodgeard Jonah Nichols
Popular vote 6 3
Percentage 54.5% 27.3%

President before election

Juan Cisneros

Elected President

Juan Cisneros

General elections were held in Aswington on December 12, 2020. Voters elected the President of the Republic and the ten members of the National Assembly.


After the dissolution of the second legislature of the National Assembly by presidential decree on June 25, 2020, it was proposed to hold new elections within ninety days, initially to elect the members of the new legislature of the parliament. However, for reasons of time and logistics, it was decided to hold general elections in the country.

The National Electoral Commission convened these elections to be held on December 12, 2020.

Electoral System

The President of the Republic is elected through the first-past-the-post system, where the candidate who obtains the majority of votes will be the winner of the election.

Meanwhile, the members of the National Assembly are elected through a party-list proportional representation, where the candidates of a political party participate through electoral lists. Unlike the previous election, in which five deputies were elected, voters will elect this time a total of ten deputies in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.



Presidential Candidates
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Juan Cisneros (incumbent) Max Stenner
(Civic Alliance)
(No alliance)
Running Mates
Noah Woodgeard Jonah Nichols


Four political parties will participate in the election of the members of the National Assembly. Of these four, three are participating for the first time. Two of them participate under the Civic Alliance, although they nominated their own lists of candidates.

Parties contesting the election


Representatives from two countries and one from the Cupertino Alliance were invited to monitor and supervise the electoral process.


The official results were announced on the afternoon of December 15, where Juan Cisneros was reelected for a new presidential term of two years.

In the case of the parliament, three seats passed into the hands of the pro-government political parties and only one passed into the hands of the opposition. Only six seats were left vacant.


Candidate Party Votes %
Juan Cisneros National Democratic Party 6 54.5
Max Stenner Monarchist Party 3 27.3
Against all 2 18.2
Total 11 100.0
Registered voters/turnout

National Assembly

Party Votes %
Labour Party[1] LP 6 54.5
National Democratic Party NDP 3 27.3
Monarchist Party MP 2 18.2
National Statist Party NSP 0 0.0
Against all
Total 11 100.0
Registered voters/turnout


Due to the low number of elected deputies, the electoral committee announced special elections to choose the vacant seats. These were held on February 20, 2021. On this occasion, the election was held in the form of a plebiscite, where the voter accepted or rejected the list of candidates. The list was approved and one candidate from the National Democratic Party, one candidate from the Social Democratic Party and one from the National Party were elected.

That same day, Juan Cisneros resigned from the Presidency of the Republic for personal reasons. Simbach A. Vazo assumed the presidency on a provisional basis, minutes later.


  1. Member of the Civic Alliance, but nominated its own list of candidates.

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