Monarchist Party

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Monarchist Party
Leader Vincent Del Castillo
Founded November 7, 2012
Headquarters Urbonia, San Andreas
Membership  (2012) 5
Ideology Monarchism
Political position Right
Official colors Blue
People's Assembly
1 / 4

The Monarchist Party is a right-wing political party in the People's State of San Andreas. It is currently the only political party, other than the National People's Party, in San Andreas with 2 seats in the People's Assembly. Its current leader is Vincent Del Castillo.


With the announcement of the 2013 San Andrean General Elections, the Monarchist Party was quickly formed with the intention of countering the National People's Party and creating a monarchist country.

Party Leadership

The Party Leadership is consisted of:

  • Vincent Del Castillo - Leader
  • Karla Ngitngit - Presidential candidate