Kingdom of Wallenia

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Kingdom of Wallenia
Koninkrijk Wallenie
Motto: "Vis temperata fortior"
A balanced force is stronger
Anthem: "None [n 1]"
Government Logo
Wallenia wordmark.png
Map of Wallenia in 2021.png
Wallenia location map.png
Location of Wallenia in Europe
Statusself-proclaimed entity [n 2]
and largest city
Kronstat COA.png Kronstadt (executive and legislative)
AvalonCoat of Arms.png Avalon (judictional)
Official languagesDutch
Recognised national languagesGerman
Ethnic groups (2021)30% Dutch
20% Antillean and Aruban
10% Arabs
10% Turkish,
5% Surinamese
5% Hindu [n 3]
5% Jewish [n 4]
20% Others
Religion(2021)60% Irreligious
20% Christian
-15% Protestant
-2% Roman Catholic
10% Muslim
10% Others
DemonymWallenian (plural)
Wallene (singular)
GovernmentUnitary Non Hereditary Constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Joseph, King of the Wallenes
• Regent
Eray Serif
Jasper Bosman (WLP)
Bas Zwanenburg (NP)
Anne Voogt
• Speaker
Rutger Bol (Ind.)
House of Nobles
House of Delegates
• Independence from Viadalvia
January 3th 2014
• Kingdom of Wallenia established
December 10th 2017
• Current Incarnation
22 April 2021
[convert: invalid number]
• 2021 estimate
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
Time zoneUTC+01:00
Date formatTemplate:Mmm (AD)
Drives on theright
Calling code030+ (proposed)
Internet TLD.vp

Wallenia known officaly as the Kingdom of Wallenia formerly known as Vroopa and Drosmania is a small self proclaimed independent state but is commonly refered to as a micronation. Wallenia consists of 2 islands.. Klinkenberg and De Waal Located in the city of Oegstgeest, surrounded by Dutch waters. With an area of approximately 377 by 55 feet (17 by 55m), and a population of 67 it is the smallest state in the world by both area and population. De Waal does not border the Netherlands altought its capital Kronstadt, Klinkenberg and Wallenstad does, Wallenia does not have a natual higest point, Wallenia is the lowest country of the world as Wallenia is 100% below sea level, Wallenia is highly urbanised and heavily concentrated on Kronstadt

In the early 2010s, Shady Morsi, then a student, began promoting the idea that Wallenia and its surrounding territory should become independent from the Netherlands. Morsi claimed that Wallenia had existed as a terra nullis since at least 1993 , and that it should be recognised as a sovereign kingdom. Wallenia does not have an independence declaration but rather used the Argumentum ad Tempus (argument of time) as a reason for Wallenias existence

Altough inactive for most of its history, Vroopa is restored after Shady Morsi discovered that he still holds the title of King of the Vroopans, The next day King Joseph, Renamed Vroopa into Wallenia to honor the macronational name of the island A nation that developed rapidly, Wallenia ranks highly in international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, education, protection of civil liberties, government transparency, and economic freedom. Wallenia as a nation state underwent major changes during the 2020s, which transformed it from an isolated to an active member of the Microwiki community Nationally, legislative authority is vested in an elected, House of Delegates while executive political power is exercised by the Monarch and the Grand Governor, In addition, Wallenia is organised into 3 ceremonical principalities and 6 countries for local government purposes.

Wallenia is member of the Viadalvian Commonwealth, Micronational Assembly and the Micronational Virtual Football Federation, Aswell an observer state of the Grand Unified Micronational,


the Wallenpad, near Shady Morsi's house

the name Wallenia, comes from the unoffical macronational name of the island, De Waal (the Waal) meaning the water side (waterkant) where the island is located on, the word wall in Dutch, the word Wal means in Dutch as waterfront goes back to the word 'wal' as an elongated reinforcement. A rampart consisted of thrown earth and therefore distinguished itself from a masonry wall. In Dutch the word also took on a more specific meaning, meaning 'fortification of a waterfront', and by extension 'waterfront, bank, road to the water, etc.', after which wal also came to refer to the waterfront, regardless of the presence of an artificial boost. In English, the meaning was expanded to 'masonry' walls (English: 'wall').

The island however is unoticed by the Municipality of Oegstgeest and the former municipality of Waddinxsveen and therefore has no real offical name is often seen as terra nullius on both google maps and municipal archives, However the name Wallenia also comes from a pathway near Shady Morsi's house. the Wallenpad, Today, both Vroopa and Wallenia are used in cultural contexts, while Wallenia remains irreplaceable in official state contexts

Previous names

Steingrad was named after Stijn Dros. The claimant for Viadalvia. Steingrad consists of two parts Stein and -Grad, a Slavic word meaning "town", "city", "castle" or "fortified settlement" that appears in numerous Slavic toponyms

Vroopa, The Gunther Islands, in Supremacy 1914

Vroopa was named after a fictional island that belongs to the Gunther Islands from the game Supremacy 1914 An island nation located smack dab in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it consists of two provinces (Buba, the capital and Vroopa) and is led by Gunther. Altough it was also named after Vroopus. a pet hamster of the first Queen Fleor this theory was disproven in 2021n, The Gunter Islands has no real life equivalent. Some theorise that is might be Diego Garcia, a small militarised atoll located in the British Indian Ocean Territory. However, Eclipse Point Town, which is owned by British Mauritius, is the biggest settlement on Diego Garcia, thus disproving the theory., it is located right in the middle of the Indian Ocean, making it a good launching pad for invasions from and to Africa/Polynesia.

Drosmania was named after the surname of his founder. Stein Dros with the suffix -Mania


Eras of Wallenia

Era Full State Name Notes Leaders
Steingrad 2013-2014 Federal Republic of Steingrad (until the Steingrad War of Independence)
Sovereign Base of Steingrad
Steingrad was annexed by Viadalvia in 2013 as a federal republic, Soon Steingrad seceeded from Viadalvia The conflict was rather a result of an appointment, Dros who was a member of the Viadalvian Social Liberal Party, was appointed as prime minister of Viadalvia, However Dros having a lack of enthusasm in Viadalvia Morsi removed soon Dros proclaimed Steingrad as an independent nation Steingradi police shoots with slingshots at the Viadalvian military. Their efforts were unsuccessful, as Viadalvia used fast paced NERF guns forcing the Steingradi rebels to surrender Steingrad annexed and directly ruled from Alenkandar as a military base Shady Morsi, Stein Dros, Timo Vink
First Vroopan Kingdom 2014-2015 Kingdom of Vroopa Following a disputed election in Viadalvia, Steingrad seceeded peacefully from Viadalvia, Vroopa was a small monarchy and rule of degree was imposed. Queen Fleor was proclaimed as an absolute monarch, Vroopa inherited the Viadalvian navy and formed alliances with Viadalvian secesionist provinces... supported the Government of Viadalvia in exile but did not join them. Vroopa was overthrown by Stein Dros who formed Drosmania Fleor I
State of Drosmania (19 days)
Restoration 2015-2018 Kingdom of Vroopa Hendrik Kees agreed to restore the Vroopan Kingdom, rule was marked by dramatic political and social change. He was the first Vroopan ruler who attempted to modernize Vroopa on Western designs and to get more involved with the micronational community He reformed the kingdom by establishing the Island Medal, Adopting the Montevideo Convention and establishing a formal flag and coat of arms. He ablicated on 10 March 2017 Soon Morsi was proclaimed as King of the Vroopans by Hendrik I, Morsi was inaugurated (Vroopans kings where never crowned) on 10 March 2017 and Vroopa joined the MVFF in 2018 Vroopa's government cased to function since most of the members either resigned or left micronationalism all toghether Stein Dros, Shady Morsi
First Wallenian era 2019-2021 Kingdom of Vroopa (until 2019)
Kingdom of Wallenia
On December 2019, Shady Morsi, King of the Vroopans maintains that the government wasn't dissolved. This claim comes from the fact that neither the King or the Ciitzens council had dissolved the government. Morsi decided to use their power to state that the government hadn't been dissolved and that it is being revived. Later on 2019 the king called a new Citizens Council in order to aid with revival. It is currently undergoing a process of "resuming government activities," or trying to revive the original kingdom. The nation was renamed into Wallenia to restore the macronational name of the island (De Wallen)
Second Wallenian era 2021-present A second revivial was due to the COVID-19 pandemic when Joseph once declared that the nation will be re-restored to not abandon Vroopan/Drosmanian/Wallene history, Soon he met with the former monarchs of Vroopa on zoom proclaming the reawakining of Wallenia, Yakklam ceased to exist as an independent country and was reformed into the Grand Duchy of Klinkerberg with the king of Wallenia also being the grand duke of Klinkerberg while the former Prince of Yakklam retiring from micronationalism forever On May 5th, Wallenia annexed Klinkerberg as an integral part of the kingdom Shady Morsi

Pre-micronational era

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a map of the area. Known as Poelmeer, the island of de Waal is absent

Its not much known about Vroopa before its annexation by Viadalvia, It was however seen as a complete terra nullis due to the small size of the island, The island was likely artificial or was created after some adjustments where made in the chanel


Click to expand.
Flag of Steingrad

the Viadalvian Navy annexed Vroopa and established the Federal Republic of Steingrad named after Stein Dros, who discoverd the island Steingrad became a very powerfull republic within Viadalvia, Steingrad was also a stronghold for the Viadalvian navy, Aswell for all left wing parties in Viadalvia, Steingrad often voted for socialist candidates and was the only federal entity that voted for Stein Dros in the 2014 Viadalvian presidential election

Durring the Viadalvian Civil War, Steingrad declared independence, although it was short lived, After the Viadalvian Civil War it was re annexed by Viadalvia,


After Timo Vink won the 2014 Viadalvian Presidental Elections, Steingrad became independent once again and renamed into Vroopa, Queen Fleor becomes the first soverein head of state of Vroopa, One year later she ablicated and her brother Stein Dros (who became Hendrik Kees I by Vroopan customs), under Hendrik Kees I Vroopa was renamed into Drosmania and was a single party state his rule was marked by dramatic political and social change. He was the first Vroopan ruler who attempted to modernize Vroopa on Western designs and to get more involved with the micronational community He reformed the kingdom by establishing the Island Medal, Adopting the Montevideo Convention and establishing a formal flag and coat of arms. He ablicated on 10 March 2017 due educational problems Soon Morsi was proclaimed as King of the Vroopans by Diderirk I, Morsi was inaugurated (Vroopans kings where never crowned) on 10 March 2017 in 2018 Vroopa's government cased to function since most of the members either resigned or left micronationalism all toghether

However on 19 December 2019, Shady Morsi, King of the Vroopans maintains that the government wasn't dissolved. This claim comes from the fact that neither the King or the Ciitzens council had dissolved the government. Morsi decided to use their power to state that the government hadn't been dissolved and that it is being revived. Later on 2019 the king called a new Citizens Council in order to aid with revival. It is currently undergoing a process of "resuming government activities," or trying to revive the original kingdom. The nation was renamed into Wallenia to restore the macronational name of the island (De Wallen)

A second revivial was due to the COVID-19 pandemic when Joseph once declared that the nation will be re-restored to not abandon Vroopan/Drosmanian/Wallene history, Soon he met with the former monarchs of Vroopa on zoom proclaming the reawakining of Wallenia,

Wallenian Realm

Wallenia's only neighbour the Principality of Yakklam was inactive and the nation was seen as brain dead, Seeing an oppertunity to expend Wallenia, neogiations between the Prince of Yakklam and the King of Wallenia happend on April 26th During this time, Yakklam ceased to exist as an independent country and was reformed into the Grand Duchy of Klinkerberg with the king of Wallenia also being the grand duke of Klinkerberg while the former Prince of Yakklam retiring from micronationalism forever

On May 5th, Wallenia annexed Klinkerberg as an integral part of the kingdom

Recent history

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King Joseph welcoming new Wallenian citizens

Wallenia recruted a lot of yongsters that where either friends of Wallenian citizens or where already honary citizens. On May 17th 2021, The economic, social, and political aspects of immigration have caused controversy regarding such issues as maintaining Wallenias reputation as a serious nation, and Wallenias territorial size.. Research suggests that immigration to Wallenia is beneficial to the Wallenian economy. With few exceptions, the evidence suggests that on average, immigration has positive economic effects on the native population,


Current Government of Wallenia
Joseph, King of the Wallenes[n 5] Jasper, Prince of Delarivebox Bas Zwanenberg Anne Voogt
Monarch Grand Governor Deputy Grand Governor Chief Justice
KingJosephPortrait.png File Jasper Bosman (cropped).jpg File Bas Zwanenberg (cropped).jpg File Anne Voogt (cropped).png
Seats in the House of Delegates:
13 / 17

The Government of Wallenia takes place in a framework of aconstuitional non hereditary monarchy The King is the head of state, leads the foreign policy, and is the Commander-in-chief of the Defense Forces. The national legislature of Wallenia is the Parliament of Wallenia that has an semi-advisory role, and the government has limited rights to amend or extend legislation. The King of Wallenia has the power of veto over parliamentary decisions, The Grand Governor is elected by the House of Delegates. The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature. The Judiciary consists of two systems, regular courts and administrative courts, headed by the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, respectively. Administrative courts process cases where official decisions are contested. There is no "Constitutional Court" - the constitutionality of a law can be contested only as applied to an individual court case.


Standard of the Monarchy
Wordmark of the Wallenian government

The king combines legislative, and executive, functions and royal decrees form the basis of the country's legislation, The Walene Monarchy dominates the political system. The number of princes is estimated to be at least 4, Despite the monarch's power, Its rarely used Wallenia has a de facto head of government known as the Grand Governor is elected by the Citizens Council and confirmed by the monarch . Usually, the Grand Governor is a good friend or accointance of the monarch.

The Wallenian monarchy is critized by outsiders as ilegitimate or a baseless monarchy the time the constitution was adopted, it was anticipated that monarchs would be chosen from the outgoing monarch. and has no dynasty However, this is not required by the constitution, so, for this reason, Wallenia can be considered a elective republic rather than a constitutional monarchy. However, as all of the heads of state appoined by the outgoing monarch plus the original title of the Wallenian monarchy was king,

Political Parties

The former Kingdom of Vroopa introduced political parties in 2018 Back then political parties have a very bad reputation in Wallenia. Parties are accused of being a hotbed of corruption and favoritism; For them, power always comes first, and ideology and government are at best of secondary importance.

The Constitution of Wallenia banned the existence of political parties, until 2021 although political assosiations existd at the time in the House of Delegates PA's existed to promote the country's democracy and political culture and receive grants from the the king and to unite like-minded delegates, PAs where formed in the House of Delegates but are not allowed to participate in elections. In 2021 until the Sloos amandment there were three recognized PA's the House of Delegates, the christian right I Will Uphold, the secular-right In Defence of the Nation and the socialist Roses and Ploughs To be recognized as a national political association, an association must have a political principle program and a minimum of three members in the House of Delegates, such an association may not call itself a party The number of PA's varies,per house of delegate terms

PAs are not allowed to campaign or exist outside the citizens council, All members of the House of Delegates are elected on a nonpartisan basis..

The Sloos amandment re introduced political parties and PA's where abolished after in a historic 8-5 vote Constitutionally, political parties in Wallenia must promote the participation of the people in the democratic life of the country, contribute in the representation of the nation and citizens, and be the access through which citizens can participate in public office, through whatever programs, principles and ideals they postulate. All political parties must be registered with the National Electoral Comitee

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology(s) Election Symbol House of Delegates
Labour Party
WLP logo.png
Jasper, Prince of Delarivebox
Social democracy
8 / 17
National Party Nationale Partij NPW.png Bas Zwanenburg National conservatism
3 / 17
New Wallenia – Christian Democrats Christendemocraten NWCD logo.png Johannes Doorn [n 6] Christian Democracy Christian
2 / 17
162076942041761397 (2).png
Teun Kelder
Dylan Buitenhuis (co-leadership)
2 / 17
Klinkenberg Independent Group
Onafhankelijke Groep
OG logo.png
Bryan Kleverlaan
1 / 17
Independent Delegates logo.png
Christian "Christopher" Lee
1 / 17

Admainstrative Divisions

Wallenia is divided into 6 counties. the County of Wallenstad is in a personal union with the County of Kronstadt, due to Wallenstads strategic importances

Kronstadt has both the highest population and the highest population density of all provinces, but is the second smallest in land area. The largest county by area is Delarivebox and the smallest is Strandenburg. before the annexation of Klinkenberg, New Vroopa was the least populated province. Each county is administered by a count, who is nominated by the Wallenian Crown, subject to approval by the Grand-Governor.

Wallenia also shares a condominium with the Kingdom of Asterland, Bhajanenland under the joint administration of Viadalvian Commonwealth

Map Coat of Arms Name Area (km²) County
Counties in the Kingdom of Wallenia
Kronstat location.png
Kronstat COA.png
County of Kronstat To be surveyed
Count Hendrik
Delarivebox location.png
Delarivebox COA.png
County of Delarivebox To be surveyed
Count Ruben
Wallenstad location.png
Wallenstad COA.png.png
County of Wallenstad To be surveyed
Count Hendrik
New Vroopa location.png
Vroopa COA.png.png
County of New Vroopa To be surveyed
Count Maxim
Hunestran location.png
Hûnestrân COA.png
County of Hûnestrân To be surveyed
Count Richard
Strandenberg coat.png
Strandenberg To be surveyed
Count Esther
Territories of the Kingdom of Wallenia
Bhajanenland location map.png
Flag of Bhajanenland.png
Bhajanenland To be surveyed
No Wallenian Representative

Foreign relations

the Wallene consulate in the Netherlands

Wallenia has a very closed foreign policy. However Wallenia also has a intrest in perserving Dutch micronationalism and tries to assist other Dutch micronations with developing and growing. Wallenia was also created by its leaders with the intention of finding ways to resolve domestic issues, sharing national values with others, and fostering peace and cooperation. Wallenia however attempts to get more out of its bubble, The reason why Wallenia didnt really interacted with the Microwiki Community was due to Wallenian officals not liking "discord diplomacy". and the fact that Wallenia was always isolated from the rest of the micronational world. Nevertheless on May 1st 2021 the House of Delegates unanimously voted to "interact with other micronational entities"

Wallenia also focuses to have closer diplomatic relations with the Republic of Steinbach, this republic was founded in 2019 by Grand Duke, Douwe Steinebach as a microstate in the city of Almelo. the nation is similar to Wallenia as it also claims a terrirory on a pond that was not claimed by the local government

Wallenia also has diplomatic missions in the United States, the Netherlands (consulate) and India

International Organisations

Wallenia joined the Micronational Virtual Football Federation (as Vroopa) in 2017 as one of its founding members and is a member state of the Viadalvian Commonwealth, Wallenia became an observer member of the Micronational Assembly on May 1st 2021 and joined the Grand Unified Micronational also as an observer member on 21 May 2021

Recognised; no relations

Diplomatic Relations

Denounced Entities

Denounced Entities are independent entities. Either a group or organization or an sovereign nation that are formaly denounced either by the Wallenian monarchy or the Wallenian parliament. Parliament publicly denounce another nation, stating for the entire diplomatic society to hear that they're a bad entity and everyone shouldn't trust them.

International Treaties Signed by Wallenia


Clockwise from top: Dogs playing near Klinkenberg Island; Delarivebox during the winter;Independence Avenue, Kronstadt; the City of Wallenstad

Wallenia consist of 2 islands and 2 enclaves in the Oegstgeest/Warmond area.. However Wallenia is not an archipelagic state due the fact that Klinkenberg is located in another body of water, Wallenias islands are both are generally small nature island islands whose terrain has been flat. The shorelines of both islands are greatly indented with beaches, stones, and wheat. Both islands lack adequate amounts for residency

The nature of the estate is fundamentally urban and none of the land is reserved for significant agriculture or other exploitation of natural resources. The territory holds many diverse structures that help provide autonomy for the sovereign state, including a bus stop, a port, radio station (with extraterritorial antennas in Netherlands), military barracks, government palaces and offices, public plaza, part of an audience hall, old defensive wall marking the border, institutions of higher learning, and cultural/art centers.


A small dock in Klinkenberg

Klinkenberg is 91 by 53 feet (27 by 4 m) island in the Klinkenbergerplas. Its the most northren place piece of land in Wallenia. The island is mainly hilly and unlike the Waal its mostly inaccesable However. it is a tidal island: around low tide, and Klinkenberg can be reached on foot from the Dutch side of the Klinkenbergerplassen via a narrow muddy isthmus. Making this island de facto bordering the Netherlands. Another part is under water (which is also claimed by Wallenia) as the Lordship of Atlantis Magis. The island has several dikes and trees. And is a natural protected area. is prohibited area for ships in both Dutch and Wallenian law (also for recreational boats) to dock

Its also the most natural diverse place of Wallenia. Animals such as the Eristalis horticola, the Aglais io and Succinea putris are native to Klinkenberg, Another species that are in Klinkenberg are dogs due to Klinkenberg bordering a dog beach

De Waal

De Waal from above

De Waal is the biggest of the two islands. This island is 177 by 55 feet (17 by 55m) in size and located in the Oegstgeesterkanaal, in the Poelmeer section It lies midway in the Poel Lake, There is a dock on the southern shore of the island and is used by the Wallene Navy, the island has been home to a nesting colony of ducks, The island is uninhabited and too small for profitable agriculture. The island is largely impassable. and only the south is used as a passable area It is possible to moor with a boat, also having limited overnight stays., Many bird species and other animals can live here undisturbed.


Kronstadt is the capital and most populous city of Wallenia; with a population of 6 founded within the Dutch mainland and surrounded by the Netherlands, It is also the seat of government of Wallenia and hosts most of the Wallenian companies and enterprises, Kronstadt is also the capital of the County of Kronstadt, the city is the seat of the Royal Court, Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Army Barraks


Wallenstad is the most western part of the kingdom and the third most populated county but second biggest county in size. Its also the only area of Wallenia that has no body of water Wallenstad is techically a part of Kronstadt but formaly an independent county The county is divided into two towns, the City of Wallenstad and the Town of Avaris. Wallenstad consits of the Wallene Royal Garden, Fort Constantine and the Wallene International Terminal, Avaris named after the capital of the Hyksos is located along in the center. It is home to various Wallenian buisnesses,


Koppen map of De Waal

The predominant wind direction in Wallenia is southwest, which causes a mild maritime climate, with moderately warm summers and cool winters, and typically high humidity. This is especially true close to the Wallene coastline,

Ice days—maximum temperature below 0 °C (32 °F)—usually occur from December until February, with the occasional rare ice day prior to or after that period. Freezing days—minimum temperature below 0 °C (32 °F)—occur much more often, usually ranging from mid-November to late March, but not rarely measured as early as mid-October and as late as mid-May. If one chooses the height of measurement to be 10 cm (4 in) above ground instead of 150 cm (59 in), one may even find such temperatures in the middle of the summer. On average, snow can occur from November to April but sometimes occurs in May or October too.

Warm days—maximum temperature above 20 °C (68 °F)—are usually found in April to October, but in some parts of the country these warm days can also occur in March, or even sometimes in November or February (usually not in De Bilt, however). Summer days—maximum temperature above 25 °C (77 °F)—are usually measured in De Bilt from May until September, tropical days—maximum temperature above 30 °C (86 °F)—are rare and usually occur only in June to August.


The economy of Wallenia is reliant on tourism and banking. The Kingdom has successfully sought to diversify into services and small, high-value-added, nonpolluting industries. Such as leasing the car collection of Jan Hendrick to car shows and crypto The state has no income tax The state retains monopolies in a number of sectors, including tobacco, the telephone network, and the postal service.


WAS De Vijverkoningin.

Wallenia has a small army of 4 men. The Wallene Army is one of the few micronational millitaries that has a professional standing army. The National Baracks is located on Kronstadt, The general staff is based in the capital, The army is under civilian control, with the King as Commander-in-Chief. The Minister for Defense, oversees army operations. The professional head of the army is the Chief of Defense, who answers to the minister and holds the rank of general. Wallenia also has a small navy, The navy possesses four patrol craft. There are also motorised and manual canoes.


Classic Cars are considered an integertal part of Wallene culture

Wallenia has been overshadowed by the culture of its neighbor. It retains a number of folk traditions, having been for much of its history a profoundly naval country. There are several notable museums, located mostly in the capital. These include the Martin Museum and a small Museum for pluches. Although its contributions to the arts are not largely known outside its borders, Wallenia has a rich cultural history, especially in classic cars, software development and photography.

The culture of Wallenia is essentially a Western culture strongly influenced by Latin and Germanic culture and computer- and transit-related subcultures. The predominance of the English language, Protestant as the dominant religion and the high support for the Wallene Protestant Church


Voice of Wallenia on BIGO
First Cover of the Wallenian Democratic Newspaper.. featuring Grand Governor Jasper Bosman, covering his Wallenpolitiek

Wallenia has two sources of radio stations: Wallene FM which is a central circut radio network and the Voice of Wallenia..being operated and owned by the Wallenian goverment and broadcasts from BIGO Television and radio are provided by a system of public-broadcasting organisations Television and radio are provided by the Netherlands since Wallenian programming is very irregular Like the Netherlands. Wallenia shares the Dutch three television and five radio networks together with a number of commercial channels. All newspapers are privately owned. They were historically linked to Wallenias goverment, These ties have all been severed now.


Basketball, hockey and association football are most popular among men whereas swimming is most popular among women. Judo, volleyball and tennis are also very popular. The country's prime football league is the Staatsleague, which provides its national (association) football team with most players. Wallenia used to play various macronational teams such as FC Oegstgeest and VV Spijkenisse in its earlier days


Wallenia has the lowest number of public holidays in the world. The Wallenian description of a national holiday is either when its informaly celebrated or when its announced by the Wallenian goverment, Wallenia however does not maintain a mandatory paid holiday for everyone. It is custom for many employers to grant a paid holiday every 5 years on this day. Wallenia however also observe Dutch public hollidates

Date English name Dutch name Notes
1 May Foreign Day Buitenlandsdag Celebrates when Wallenia joined the Micronational Assembly as an observer state. The first micronational organization Wallenia formally joined
10 March Independence Day Onafhankelijksheiddag Celebrates Wallenia's independence
3 September Kingsday Koningsdag Celebrates the birthday of Jan Kees I


Education in Wallenia is primarily the responsibility of the Wallenian goverment, with the monarchy playing a minor role. Optional Kindergarten (nursery school) education is provided for all children between one and six years old, after which school attendance is compulsory.. Most children, however, first attend Kleuterschool for 4 years from the age of 6 to 9. Wallenias secondary education is separated into two parts, lower and upper. Lower-secondary education in Wallenia is meant to teach individuals basic general education and gets them ready to enter upper-secondary education. In the upper secondary level Wallenians has a vast variety of vocational programs.


Wallenia has a universal multi-payer health care system paid for by a combination of statutory health insurance and private health insurance Wallenias health care system was 77% government-funded and 23% privately funded as of 2019


Wallenia had an estimated population of 81 inhabibants due to the claim of Wallenstad overlapping with a flat building, though Wallenia has about 61 registered citizens whereas 44 are active as of May 2021. It is the smallest populated country in Europe, the country's population almost doubled from Vroopa when in 2018 Vroopa had 12 registered critizens whereas 11 where active

Life expectancy is high in Wallenia though lesser than its neighbour 81.3 years for newborn girls and 80.7 The majority of the population of Wallenia is ethnically Dutch. 30% Dutch, 20% Antillean and Aruban 10% Arab, 20% Others 10% Turkish, 5% Surinamese and Hindu, 5% Jewish, Wallenias population is mostly concentrated in and around Kronstadt and Wallenstad,

A large group of 18 young people from Oegstgeest and Honary Citizens joined Wallenia on 17 May 2021 This group ensured that the kingdom has more active people in it, Later they intergrated with Wallenia


Gender in the Kingdom of Wallenia
Notable Women in Wallenian history.. clockwise from top Devi Indara, Activist, Isabella Verdigaal MP, Daphne Serlie, MP and Queen Fleor I.. Head of State of Wallenia between 2014-15

Wallenia has a very huge gender inbalance. from the 61 citizens. Only 13% (7) identified as female. 86% identified as a male and 1% as non-binary/others Wallenia has full gender equality for its citizens. Most of the Wallenian Women are active in politics as four out of seven either is an incumbent or served formaly Currently The House of Delegates has three women. 2 of them are from the NW-CD (Bente Bosman and Daphne Serlie) making the NWCD is the only political party that has a 100% female caucus The third female MP is Isabella Verdigaal. representing the Labour Party. The currently highest woman in the Wallenian government is Anne Voogt, Chief Justice. However the highest ranked woman ever is Queen Fleor I who was Wallenias head of state, Women in Wallenia are a monolithic group, all seven of them are white cis Dutch


LGBT in the Kingdom of Wallenia
Asexual [n 7]

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in Wallenia have been some of the most progressive in the world. this has mainly an impact from the macronation Wallenia seceeded from, recent polls indicating that more than 78% of Wallenian people support same-sex marriage. Organizations offering conversion therapy, the pseudoscientific practice of attempting to change an individual's sexual orientation or gender identity using psychological or spiritual interventions, are banned in Wallenia by the Wallenian constitution


Between 2015 and 2017, Vroopa expirimented with its own language, Altough most of it was lost, this bordermarker from 2016 contained the Vroopan name

The official language is Dutch, which is spoken by the vast majority of the inhabitants. Besides Dutch, English is recognised as a second official language.

Wallenia did not has its own native language, Though Vroopan was a proposed conlang in the 2016s, The evidence for the language consists of a bordermarker dating from 2016, It is not possible to determine whether it is related to any other known language and Shady Morsi said that it resembeled the Sith Language It is not even certain that the inscriptions are all in one language. another sentence in Vroopan was "Patotabikohe hahahahh he oboba hnnghh yeneoalolalo hajhjhhhhhh" meaning "Our island is the best and we will crush the others" and "Eztrik'o Tabakah"


Wallenias population is predominantly atheist with 50% saying "they dont belive in god" Groups that represent the non-religious in Wallenia include Humanistisch Verbond. Christianity comprised 20% of the population. Muslims comprised 10% and other religions (like Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism) comprised the remaining 10%. A 2015 survey from another source found that Protestants outnumbered Catholics.


Mobility on Wallenian roads has grown continuously and now exceeds 1 km travelled per year, three quarters of which are done by boat. Around half of all trips in the Wallenia are made by boad, 25% by bicycle, 20% walking, and 5% by public transport.

Road transport

Wallenia has only one road that connects with the Netherlands. On that road is also the location of the Wallene International Terminal which is seen as the offical gateway to the Kingdom

Boat transport

Since Mainland Wallenia is an island The floats main activities is to visit the Mainland. The harbour of Delarivebox functions as an important transit point for citizens

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  1. Wallenia has no formal national anthem.. Altough Canticum ex Wallenis is used for official occasions
  2. Wallenia referes to itself as a self proclaimed entity as opposed to a micronation
  3. Wallenia recognize Hinduism both as an ethnicity and a religion
  4. Wallenia recognize Judaism both as an ethnicity and a religion
  5. Represented by Regent Eray Serif
  6. Johannes Doorn is the party leader but does not sit in the House of Delegates , he is member of the nonpartisan House of Nobles, Bente Bosman is the House of Delegates leader
  7. Wallenia recognizes Asexuallity as part of the LGBT community