Union of Micro-States

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Union of Micro-States
Unione delle micronazioni
FormationJuly 2010
FounderLuca Mirante
Founded atLuxe
Registration no.U.M.S.
Legal statusActive
MethodsOrders by votations
Membership (2011)
Official language
English, Italian, Spanish
Key people
Luca Mirante
Main organ
UMS Government
500.000 Loid
Staff (4)
Volunteers (0)

The UMS is an important micronational union founded in 2010 by Luca Mirante.


State Flag area Foundation president Citizens
Active states
Repubblica democratica di Luxe Luxeflag.svg 130 mt2 2010 Luca mirante 79
Fabroland Fabroland.png 2 mt2 2016 Fabrizio Bortolotti 5
Rojia Rojiaflag.svg online 2020 Sua Altezza Maximilian I 5
Stato di Alux StatodiAlux.png 8 mt2 2014 Alessandro Berlanda 2
Emilsang Emilsang.png 36 mt2 2013 Emil De Luca 2
Lumia Lumia.png 1 mt2 2019 unkown 2
Franci City Franci City.png 20 mt2 2012 Francesco Dispenza 4
United States of Astana Astana.jpg 1 km2 2019 Andrea Maria Grassidonio 46


Founded in 2009 by Luca mirante, the UMS has always been the most important economic, military and political union of Italian micronations. In 2014 he lived his eponymous war, the Prima guerra dell'U.M.S. and in 2016 had its first independent member, the Repubblica democratica di Luxe. To date, this page has been created on microwiki and its site has been made public to all micronations. In 2019 there was the Cold Crisis of UMS and the rebels states founded the Umni, but Astana is returned in U.M.S. The union now has got a new costitution and a new parliament. The communist of Umni are against UMS for the Communist Propaganda.


AMU: Alliance Military of UMS. The Amu is the UMS military alliance, a state can choose whether to join or not. There are no criteria for membership. If a member state is the victim of a conflict or a revolt, the other members must necessarily help him.

UEU: Union Economic of UMS. The UEU is the only body to which participation is mandatory. Member states are coalesced economically in every respect. Donations, financial aid and sanctions can be offered in the event of a law's violation

CSU: Sports committee of UMS. The UMS sports committee is an optional membership body, which deals with the management of national and international sporting events and the management of the latter. The national federations of the states are confederated to the CSU and the teams of each state can participate in UMS tournaments.

Entry criteria

1 No kingdom or monarchy

2 No actually in war

3 Relations whit others