Franci City

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Franci City
Franci City.png

National Anthem of Franci City
Capital city Franci City
Official language(s) Italian
Short name Franci City
Government Oligarchic Republic
Legislature National Assembly of Franci City
- Type - unicameral
Established 2 June 2019
Area claimed 10 m²
Population 3
Currency Franci Dollar
Time zone (UTC: +1:00)
National sport European Football
This country is a member of U.M.S..

Pagina in italiano:

Franci City is a italian micronation, member of U.M.S.


Francesco Dispenza founded Franci City in 2010, with the Democratic Republic of Luxe, joining the U.M.S.. Luxe gains more and more power when, in 2019, Dispensa join in the UMNI.

After, Franci City has improved economically.

After Umni declares war to U.M.S., Franci City exit to umni.

The Capital City

The capital represents the entire surface of the state; initially there were not many locals.

Coat of Arms

The municipal symbol of Franci City is the ostrich, the president's favorite animal from an early age.


Often cats enter Italy from Franci City. 3.


The official currency, Franci dollar, was initialized in 2018. There are still a few banknotes in circulation, but new ones are printed every month.