Prima guerra dell'U.M.S.

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Prima guerra dell' UMS
Data Febbraio 2014
Luogo Trento, Italia
Risultato  • Victory of Luxe, sanzioni U.M.S. to Franzlandia
Luxeflag.svgRepubblica democratica di Luxe

Franzlandiaflag.png Franzlandia


Luxeflag.svg Luca mirante

Franzlandiaflag.png Francesco Gigliotti

  • Alessandro Berlanda
  • Emil De Luca

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Luxe did not want to pay for an army because she had strong leadership, but when diplomatic crises started, she had to arm herself and form an armed group. Given the low citizenship of the time, only one man was recruited, Luca Mirante. After began, Franzlandia started a meeting with Stato di Alux and Emilsang for strategic aid. Luxe was alone and with one man, however she continued to face enemies face-to-face. During the First Battle of Sotto-Luxe, the two sides faced each other with one man; Franzlandia's army attacked the Luxese army and started a 30-minute flash battle. Eventually, Franzlandia retired but did not seem to end here. Two days later, Franzlandia retired again at the end of the Second Battle of Sotto-Luxe but for family reasons. Franzlandia immediately closed relations with the allied states, as aid was not benefiting his army. The Luxese army decided to end the conflict and after losing some armaments, it decided to attack Frankland (Luxe's ​​attack on Franzlandia), which surrendered and ended the conflict. The only man returned to Luxe triumphantly and with many injuries.