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Franzlandia, officially State of Franzlandia, was an italian micronation founded in 2014 by Francesco Gigliotti.

PresidentFrancesco Gigliotti
Area24 mt²
DenominFranzlandiesi (Franzlandian)
CapitalCittà di Franzlandia
Altitudine250 mt s.l.m.
Now part of Repubblica democratica di Luxe (Governatorato di Franzlandia Ovest) and Fabroland


The rise

Franzlandia was founded by its sole president, Francesco Gigliotti, following the example of the Republic of Luxe. Thus began the nation's adventure in 2014, which however immediately encountered problems in urbanization due to numerous prohibitions from the president's family. Despite this, national identity was preserved and the first citizenships began to flourish. After entering the U.M.S., the nation could now be considered established, becoming the second hegemon together with Luxe. However, this symbiosis could not go on much longer, in fact an unprecedented crisis began between the two nations, so much so that in an official statement President Gigliotti had accused the president Luca Mirante of being a dictator. Determined to exploit the surprise effect to gain dominance, Franzlandia attempted a strategy that involved numerous small attacks to weaken Luxe. The First UMS War started. The first assault occurred during a training session of the Luxese national pallattennis team, retiring immediately after being rejected. After a few days a further attack took place and the army withdrew again, but Luxe invaded Franzlandia with a great counter-offensive and definitively defeated the army, forcing President Gigliotti to declare surrender and pay a large indemnity.

The interbellum period

After the first war of the Ums, Franzlandia had once again embarked on a friendly relationship with Luxe and the rest of the members of the Ums, even if by now it was clear that dominance was unattainable. Exchanges between Luxese and Frenchland citizens continued peacefully for a long time. This general peaceful climate also contributed to the organization of the 2016 UMS games, in which the French national teams participated.

The fall

In 2017, A new period of crisis began between the two nations. Franzlandia has launched numerous accusations against the Luxe government over the course of weeks, also publishing numerous propaganda posters against the nation. War was inevitable and was declared by the Franzlandian state via a message to the Luxe government. The War of two hours started and preparations were brief and on the day of battle, the army attempted to use a guerrilla strategy, being outnumbered. However, with no major results, the troops surrendered to Luxe. The requests this time were very heavy, as in addition to an indemnity, Franzlandia was divided in two between the Republic of Luxe (who gained the west part) and Fabroland (who gained the east part). The fall of the nation had now arrived and Francesco Gigliotti could do nothing but abandon it.

Security Forces

Given its small population, Franzlandia did not have a police force, but relied on a modest army, at the top of which, in addition to the president, there was a General Strategist. Despite being well equipped, the low number of soldiers did not allow Franzland to expand its hegemony.


Franzland's national sport was football. The nation also had a national soccer team, which participated in the 2016 Ums Games with great results. Numerous Frenchland players have played in the Luxese championship and in minor Italian championships.

Foreign Relations

Franzlandia had cordial relations with members of the U.M.S., especially with Luxe, Emilsang and the Stato di Alux. However, she has failed to achieve major prominence with diplomatic missions outside the union.