Guerra di due ore

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The Two-Hour War, also known as the Second Luxo-Franzlandiese War, is a war fought in the summer of 2017 between the two members U.M.S. Luxe and Franzlandia.

War of two hours
Guerra di due ore.png
Conflict: War of TWO HOURS
Date: summer 2017
Place: Italy
Outcome: Final victory of the alliance, conquest of Franzlandia
*Luxeflag.svg Repubblica democratica di Luxe Franzlandia.pngFranzlandia
Luxeflag.svgLuca Mirante

Fabrolandflag.svg Fabrizio Bortolotti

Franzlandia.png Francesco Gigliotti

7 soldiers, 1 Soldier
0 1


The war began over a quarrel between the two presidents Luca Mirante and Francesco Gigliotti. Francesco Gigliotti accused Mirante of attitudes equal to a well-known Franzlandian character who fought the First World War and Mirante rejected the accusations. The next day, the government received a message which contained the declaration of war and the appointment for the clash. According to the experts, the communication with the date and place of the clash meant that Franzlandia wanted to conduct a blitzkrieg, despite the totally greater enemy forces. The day arrived, the army summoned 7 soldiers, 6 of which showed up immediately and 1 arrived to escort. Fabroland's help was useful but not indispensable; according to the general, the entry of Fabroland into the war, despite having deployed only one soldier, could intimidate Franzlandia who was against two sides, an action deemed psychologically spot on. The war is so called, because when the army created the military camp it took two hours to capture the Franzlandese soldier. After his capture, he was fined 300,000 FRZL in Luxe and 200,000 FRZL in Fabroland. The enemy soldier was left free and the Franzlandian territory was divided into two equal parts among the winners.