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Emilsang, officially known as State of Emilsang, is an italian micronation founded by Emil De Luca in the italian city of Trento.

State of Emilsang
LocationTrento, Italy
Official languagesItalian
GovernmentDemocratic republic
• President
Emil de Luca
• Prime Minister
Ivan de Luca
• Established
• Dissolved
• Estimate
  1. This nation was an ex-member of the U.M.S.


Spurred on by the stories of his companions, Emil de Luca, together with his brother, decided to establish a self-sustaining state within the confines of their own room. They developed their unique currency, built cities, assumed governmental roles, and voilà: Emilsang was born. The relationships with the Oligarchic State of Luxe have been amicable, and they have maintained good ties with the Stato di Alux and Franzlandia as well. Following their involvement in the First War of the U.M.S. against Luxe, a devastating defeat shattered any hopes of restoring harmonious relations with the state. Now, the future of Emilsang hangs uncertain, and the path forward remains obscured. Their adoption of a unique currency and establishment of cities demonstrated their determination and ingenuity. As the brothers assumed various governmental roles, they worked tirelessly to develop their newfound nation, navigating the complexities of governance. Emilsang's flourishing relations with Luxe and the other neighboring states brought stability and growth to the tiny statelet. Their friendly exchanges fostered trade, cultural exchange, and cooperation on numerous fronts. It seemed like a promising trajectory for the young nation. With time, patience, and a commitment to peaceful coexistence, Emilsang made progress in rebuilding trust and camaraderie with the neighboring states. Shared cultural events, exchange programs, and collaborative projects brought people together, fostering an environment of mutual understanding and cooperation. Emil de Luca's governance and his brother's dedication to fostering meaningful connections played a crucial role in reinvigorating Emilsang's position in the region. They promoted a policy of openness and inclusivity, welcoming immigrants and offering them opportunities to contribute to the state's growth. While challenges remained, Emilsang's journey symbolized the triumph of human spirit and determination. It proved that even in the face of adversity, a small community fueled by passion, unity, and innovation could carve a place for itself in the world. Today, Emilsang is inactive, but will reamin a symbol of determination and freedom for other micronations.


Emilsang was born from the union of its two main cities. To the east is the capital Emiltown, governed by the mayor and president of the Republic Emil de Luca. Instead to the west there is Ninjatown, governed by Prime Minister Ivan de Luca. The two cities have collaborated in the development of the rest of the national territory, which represents 60%.


The national currency of Emilsang is the Emileur, inspired by the Euros. Trading and exchanges of currency took place mainly with its main trading partner, the Republic of Luxe. The most common raw material was paper

National Animals

The national animal of Emilsang is the cat, although the dog is still of great importance. In Emilsang there were both a cat and a dog, which enjoyed free movement and respect among the citizens.