Cold Crisis of UMS

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Cold Crisis of UMS
Date: 21st april 2019 - 1st September
Place: Internet
Outcome: Disgregation of Chelandia Nova Italia and Tawil

Luxe.jpg Luxe, supported by

Fabroland.png Fabroland

FranciCity.png Franci City


Chelandiaflag.png People's Republic of Chelandia (Until 30 April 2019)

Bumbi.png People's Republic of Tawil

Astana.jpg Federated States of Astana (but returned to U.M.S.)

CMSIT (Until 29 April 2019, after it do peace with Luxe)

Repubblica d'Urgenza Interessantista.png Emergency Interessantist Republic


Luxe.jpg Luca Mirante

Fabroland.png Fabrizio Bortolotti

FranciCity.png Francesco Dispenza

Chelandiaflag.png Repubblica d'Urgenza Interessantista.png Samuele Cheli

Repubblica d'Urgenza Interessantista.png Alessandro Balsamo

Repubblica d'Urgenza Interessantista.png Davide Mei

Bumbi.png Repubblica d'Urgenza Interessantista.png Lorenzo Valente

Astana.jpg Grassidonio

Gian I Von Quedlingburg


1 (2 for moral help)


- -

The Cold Crisis of UMS has been a conflict that saw the schism of the USM in 21 April 2019.

It starts immediately after the Mycusian War against Caredolci, and the conflict starts with the protests by the president of Chelandia, Tawil and Astana against an improper behavior with Luca Mirante, president of Luxe.

About this, Samuele Cheli, president of Chelandia, and Lorenzo Valente, president of Tawil, criticize the president of Luxe for matters dating back to the 11 Minute War and asks to Luca Mirante for the entry of CMSIT, but Mirante refuses and this causes criticism and indignation on the part of the Chelandia, Tawil and Astana.

After a series of threats from the rebel countries, the three countries officially decide to leave the U.M.S. to founding the Unione delle MicroNazioni Italiane.

From 21 to 23 april in Tawil is national holiday, called Liberation Day, in memory of the liberation from the dictatorship.

UMNI growth will be a topic of the Diplomatic meeting between Tawil and RUI in 2019 with the foundation of People's Republic of Nova Italia.

The 12 june 2019 Franci City leave the U.M.S.. After, Franci City remove his critics (dictatorships) to Luxe.

Franci City returned to U.M.S.