Tianan general election, January 2012

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January 2012 Tianan General Election
All 3 seats to the Supreme People's Assembly
December 26–27, 2011
Majority party Minority party
JPuglisi.jpg Daniel Anderson 2009.jpg
Leader Joseph Puglisi Daniel Anderson
Party Communist Party Federal Conservative Party
Leader since November 2010 April 2011
Leader's seat Greater New Palermo Eastern Territories (Forfeited)
Last election 3 seats, 60% 1 seat, 20%
States carried 3 0
Seats won 3 0
Seat change + 0 - 1
Percentage 3 seats, 100% 0 seats, 0%
Swing + 40% - 20%

Incumbent Premier
Communist Party

The January 2012 Tianan General Election was held weeks prior to Tiana being granted independence from Zealandia. It was marked by Daniel Anderson resigning as TFCP leader and dissolving the party, leading to the CPT having an absolute monopoly on legislative power election. Joshua Juda was elected Premier. The elections were widely seen as a failure, with the only opposition party dropping out on election day.