Terrain of Cheslovia

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Cheslovia, a generally flat country, occupies an area of 185 square kilometers, or slightly larger than Aruba or Liechtenstein. Its neighbors are UK to the west, north, east and south, Malokaz to south and Ud Mahazar to the north.

The terrain is generally flat towards its north, west and south borders but has hills in the centre and the west ofthe nation. The highest point in Cheslovia is Turi Hill, which is part of a series of other hills collectively called the Kurai Hills, or simply "The Kurai's". The nations lowest point is the bottom of the Tallimaa River, or (if discussing only land areas) the Kirov Plains.

A map of Cheslovia

Northern District

The Northern District contains Muskovia and Kosovaria Krai's. Muskovia is located north of the Tallimaa River while Kosovaria is located south of the Tallimaa River.

The Tallimaa, near Vyacheslav and Tallinsk

The northern district is considered once of the most green areas of Cheslovia (in terms of plant colour and plant health). Located next to each other are the cities of Tallinsk and Vyacheslav, separating them is the Tallimaa River, connecting both cities is the historic Muskov Bridge. The Northern District is subject to severe flooding, the largest recorded flood in the region ocurred January 2007, this was known as "The Great Northern Flood" or "The Great Flood".

Western District

The Vsevolod plains of Soligorsk and Smorgon

The Western District contains the Krai's of the Soligorsk and Smorgon, as well as Cheslovia's official second largest city Pesochnya. This area of Cheslovia is known mainly as the "Vsevolov plains", as it is a very flat area of Cheslovia.

Central District

The Central District contains the Krai's of Kozov, Bashkira, and Kirov and also the Okrug of Ivaria. The district is situated in the Kurai hills (along with the Eastern District).

Southern District

The Southern District contains the Krai's of Borisov and Bolkaria and the Okrug of Valdisia and the Republics Transylvakia, Milna, and Estovakia. This is considered the most important Districts of all Cheslovia as it has the city of Musorov at the far south. Turi Hill is located in the north east of the district and contains the Korisov Plains and Lkae Mirdas.

Eastern District

The Aivan Marshes, located in both Eastern and Central Districts

The Eastern District cotains the Krai's of Mostar, Tamir, Vladislavia and Slavinia. It is the largest district and the most diverse, as it contains the vast Kaznian Steppes. To the east is the Terter Hills and the Burakhest River, the Aivan Marshes to the north and the Slavinian Plains to the south as well as the Vyevoy river and the Kirilsk Island.